Why are warlocks complaining?

That is totally what I was thinking. It reminded me of some George Carlin thing where he said “They want you to think you have a choice. You don’t. You have no choice.”


It’s literally harder than piano, I play piano. It’s literally more difficult than playing 5 notes on my right hand and a bass line while putting my face over to the next octave to play a note or two.

You are exactly right. Some people love one class only and will never change, even in bleak times like these. Warlock was amazing in legion imo, but right now I really don’t like the “rotaion”. But I will stick with the class because I love it lol doesn’t mean I won’t complain about it


To be fair locks were praising Malefic Rupture to high heaven(for reasons to this day i do not understand). Its less they they ignored feedback but it got drowned out by the people saying how good it felt to play. Now that it is live people are acting brand new.

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What a load of rubbish.

oh really.

Lets start at a baseline: Your feedback thread. Shadowlands Beta/PTR Compiled Feedback Thread 0 of the issues that are live were pointed out, 0.

Now for the Praise Threads:

First: Affliction feels REALLY DAMN GOOD

I went back nearly 2 months and not once did Warlocks complain about MR outside of tuning and thinking aff would suck. A majority of the posts went to Demo/Destro but now that its live now people wanna take issue with how aff plays. Like i said.

So much for being “a load of rubbish” right?


You are confusing “Aff is no longer how aff used to be” with “Aff is bad”

A lot of people are enjoying it, both the vocal majority on the forums and it’s the most represented warlock spec in any content, both among the masses and among “the elite”.

If you don’t enjoy it, as I do not, you don’t have to play it. Get over it.

Who says im playing it?

No i am not. quite literally in this same thread someone said they didnt like the rotation

Shadow Priest was the most represented spec in BFA and it still got reworked. Most represented doesnt mean anything especially with Pure classes like Warlock, most people will play the best best spec. This isnt a metric you can use to guage people’s enjoyment of something.

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It was because it gave us the ability to play the spec in mythic+ again after an entire expansion of not being able to play it. I admit I was in on this hype initially because I focused more on being able to do mythic+ again and was exclusively trying it in that environment when pre-patch hit. It wasn’t till week 1 of the raid that I tried single target and realized how clunky the single target is now.

I’d gladly play Destro in every Mythic+ if Affliction could be a dot spec again.

Aff takes some effort and knowledge of ones class, most of the whiners just want a 3 button rotation and top of the charts. A money for noth’n and chicks for free crowd - to steal a line.

Ill admit it used to but current aff is kinda braindead which is why i left it.

I feel the community, I’ve been playing my lock since 2004. This is the most off putting I think it has been in a long time. The rotation is murder, it is not fun at all, it feels like a lot of effort to be competitive with other classes that hardly break a sweat to produce similar or better output. And as far as pvp goes, we fold like cheap laundry as soon as we are focused, or a half competent player (melee) wants us dead. I get that numbers are there but the enjoyment factor is totally gone. And PVP is just not happening this expansion. We require significant changes in all three specs, and all content.

More “If you don’t like it, don’t play it” nonsense. You have a little brown on your nose there. Your entire head, actually.

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Braindead? How do you mean?

I’d argue affliction has never been as complicated or challenging as it currently is. There were times where it was way more OP, way easier, or way more consistent for sure. But ‘brain dead?’ I’d argue it is perhaps one of the LEAST brain dead specs of any DPS spec/class in game - at least the top tier specs. Moonkin can be a bit challenging, but only if you’re non-convoke in which case you just press convoke every time it’s up and top meters. Hunter is fairly straightforward, as are fire mages and (I believe, though I’m not as sure) rogues.

? I don’t like Affliction so I don’t play it. I preferred it back when dots did damage on their own, but that lead to extremely broken multi dot scaling where Aff was objectively too strong.

This build is necessary to make Aff more functional in the long run.

I just decided to re-roll to Ele Shaman and am going to heal Mythic Plus until my Ele is geared. Warlock as I discovered this expansion is weak and not built to perform in anything except raids and I personally find Affliction to be super boring. If Demo or Destro was viable, quick, and competitive I would have never left the class. Super disappointed.


You are missing the point…Multi DoT Scaling…can be scaled…

All you do is increase the damage DoT’s currently do, and reduce the damage Malefic Rapture does. The issue back then was that DoTs was our ONLY form of damage. So literally all our damage was there. Now we have a shard spending that isn’t a DoT, that can hit multiple targets. We have the ability to “scale” it correctly.

This is not accurate at all. They could literally do so many different things to make Affliction feel good, be viable in more aspects of gameplay, and not be overpowered.

That would literally still lead to aff being stupid broken OP on multidot situations

lol no

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Because i don’t enjoy DoT management in the slightest and my sped (demo) needs love.
Also PvP is really not good for walocks rn just on accout of being so bursty and warlocks having so little mobility- you basically have to be night fey affliction in arenas or you’re boned… which i guess is somewhat the same in raids, but at least in a raid i can pull decent damage with the spec i want to play, even if it’s not toping meters outside my tyrant.

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