Why are mass reports still abusable?

Do so at your own risk.


It’s specifically in the support article that was linked to you and what I quoted that you refuse to acknowledge.

There’s nothing more to be said. If you don’t want to follow the suggestions and just want to fight about it, then I’d suggest the General Discussion forum. This isn’t the place for such things. We gave you the information as we can for the Customer Support forum, which is a peer to peer help desk with assistance from SFAs, based off of support articles and what we know.


I’m not fighting? I’m trying to understand the undefined rules that people are able to report me on because blizzard has an insane player based automated report system.

Most likely they reported you for perceived spam, and you received a automated warning that reports were happening. So far though it is only warning, and no actual violation may be involved.

It should be noted staff, GM or otherwise, can not see what may have happened to cause the reports.

If those reports do involve a silence or suspension though, then those reports escalated, a ticket of sorts was created, and a GM reviewed the chat logs. If a penalty was issued, it was not done by any automated system, and at that point you can appeal.

Reporting in and of itself does not mean a report system was abused, being warned does not mean you were penalized.


Reporting doesn’t automate anything other than alerting a GM of the report to review, and (if reaching a sufficient threshold of reports) a squelch on further posting until that review.

No other penalty is automated.


You are exchanging gold both for items, and for services (players participating in the kills). Because of that it is not just a loot system, it is a paid service and loot selling system. That is because the gold is involved.

Blizzard recently defined what they view GDKP as when they restricted it in SoD. I know you are not playing in SoD, but knowing how Blizzard defines GDKP helps you realize why it falls under Services, not group finder. These two quotes should help make that clear.

What is GDKP and why is it being restricted in Season of Discovery?

GDKP is a loot system some players use that essentially allows all loot to be purchased in a dungeon or raid using gold rather than being rolled for or awarded using another loot system. How this typically works is that an item drops and is then put up for gold bid among the members of the group. Players will submit their bids in gold, and the highest bidder wins. After the item is won, gold is traded to the loot master, and then that gold is usually divided among all the raid members.

What exactly constitutes a “gold bid” or GDKP raid?

  • We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold. Please note that we have multiple detection methods for GDKP that are effective both inside and outside of dungeon or raid instances.

Now that you know Blizzard defines it as a Service like a carry, because gold changes hands, you know to follow the guidelines from the Advertising article. In the absence of Trade Services, use Trade.

Sendryn’s suggestions are excellent to assist you in avoiding getting reported for spam, or other infractions. Why are mass reports still abusable? - #26 by Sendryn-sentinels


If you dislike it so much, there is the door and I wish you luck wherever your gaming takes you.

People love to scream about mass reporting when it is rarely the case when someone comes to the forums crying about getting sanctioned. In fact, I have yet to see a case of it being a confirmed situation of mass reporting from the SFAs at all. I don’t care what Reddit or anywhere else is reporting it - I go by verified information.

That’s not to say it doesn’t happen. It’s saying that it is nowhere near as prevalent as people like to believe.


You mean player ignorance over how Blizzard works is never going to change?

BBB? BBB? LOLL!! You realise BBB accepts payment for ratings right?


Those reports are reviewed and only get acted on if they find a violation of the rules! If no rule is broken nothing happens. You only get a account action if you break the rules! Pretty simple.

Seen people come here and found out they got a suspension for toxic language and there was only one report. Go figure.


compaired to most games out there, Their CS is far better. See what happens in most other MMO’s if your account is hacked.

Getting a account action against you does not equal bad CS!

Oh like others have said the BBB is a joke! You pay them and they give you a A+ rating


No, we are not.

Misinformation is not taken lightly.

Nothing will come of it because unlike you, they didn’t break any rules.

Look, it’s obvious you have an agenda - go use your social media for your rants.


Why the arbitrary date? Blizzard’s CS, has always worked for Blizzard, not anybody else.

You were going to reply in the locked thread where the person admitted they were freely using abusive language and earned the penalties. You were typing when Orlyia locked it. That thread alone backs the fact that GMs review reports before issuing penalties. There are many many threads like that, they are not unique.

There are also threads where a GM makes a mistake, and it is overturned on appeal.

The whole campaign against allowing other players to report won’t make your assertions true. Reporting won’t go anywhere…any time soon. Beware what you ask for though. A replacement for player reports and GM review is a constantly on AI monitoring system. You might get what you wanted…

People who get pulled over for speeding, or get tickets from speed monitors, rarely have good reviews of the traffic patrol officers. :woman_shrugging:

Those who really need help with a hacked account, etc. They have a generally good experience.


As for ratings sites - yeah it’s easy to leave a poor review when you’ve been slighted - easy to attempt to gain public sympathy when there is little to no way to actually verify the truth in their reviews right.

Nope, just like every other rating sites against any other company in the world. Its all the same.


Nope, just your own opinion. That is all.


Because folks has and will review bomb things for one thing or another. Take Google Classroom when the Genshin Impact fans flooded and review bomb it.


Nothing here is up for debate. You tried to reply in a thread where the person was quite guilty of using abusive language, by their own admission. The reports and penalty were correct. I don’t know if you were going to try this “CS is bad” campaign there too, but it does not apply.

People getting reported and penalized for things they actually did wrong is not bad CS. You not liking it, does not change that. It is not really up for debate.

Again, beware what you wish for though.


This whole thread is a circle, folk. :o


Then you have nothing to worry about. Likewise, the OP. No account actions or forum actions are automated.

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Insulting other players…


Wow, a whole 1,867 customers out of tens of millions!

They banned almost 300,000 in December 2023 alone for botting/exploiting.

Pretty sure nobody cares what 0.00000001% (randomly selected/estimated) of people think.