Why are alliance allowed to cheat in AV?

Cool, snipe the premades. No one is upset about that. I didnt resort to insults.

Then we’re all good.

Have fun getting into 1 out 4 games with a premade where we literally don’t care if you’re in it. You’re dead weight, so long as 32+ of us make it in you can basically do nothing and we’ll win it for you.

There’s been addons for raid queueing at the same time for a long time. I used to do full premade av honor farms through trade chat in vanilla then into bc horde side. So I’m not sure it’s cheating if both sides can use it

Hey look, turns out it WAS cheating and is getting fixed. Look at that.

Let me see if I have this correct. Because Horde outnumber Alliance 3:1 in AV, a group of Alliance players are more likely to join the same AV together and use VoiceComs to coordinate.

And we are calling this an exploit or cheat…

If blizzard goes in and makes some change to the system because of this, then I will call BS, just because Alliance players are more coordinated and have a higher probability of joining battlegrounds as a group is not an exploit or bug.

It was all this, “I can’t win all the time” crap that got WoW into the state retail is in today. If you do not like the current situation, then do something about it, play an Alliance character to even out the populations.

Because YOU don’t get to define what is “cheating”. Why? Because YOU don’t own this game. I am not playing YOUR game. Your claim that “Alliance are cheating” is simply false.

Seems Blizzard agreed, cause they have fixed it. So I guess you just wrong.

Problem is, the change will not fix the issue. There are already posts on this forum about how the changes will not stop premades as it does not change how most are formed.

Besides, those that were using the system have already gotten what they wanted, R14, and have moved on. So as usual for Blizzard, it is too little, too late.

Most of the people upset with the premades were alliance players so… :thinking:

The current system they were using already stopped some premades, thats why alliance having 15 people for half the game was a thing. It won’t be totally impossible, but a LOT harder, that’ll be enough. Plus, horde can’t wait to queue up as 5-mans ourselves.

If they are already done, why are they still running pre-mades?

Nope, fake news. We really weren’t. The only alliance players upset by this were honor leeches and sub 60’s trying to get some exp.

Not anyone of note or merit.


I was in a game this morning with something like 18 marshals +. They feel the timer ticking and they are hitting it hard right now.

That comment didn’t age well.

Still doesnt mean it was cheating.

Because they’re dog-sh*t at everything in WOW from vanilla to BFA and why not look the other way once in a while to let the baddies win?

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L2 TURTLE buddy…

By doing so you are actually HELPING everyone. I know you don’t see it that way, but the Alliance pre-mades just like the horde premades are in most cases (regardless of their ranks) utterly craptasticly bad.

I am not even kidding when I say that the worst players I have ever seen EVER… Play Classic WoW 2019, they make Vanilla keyboard turning window lickers look “leet”

ALLIANCE HERE: I hate it too. It makes it next to impossible to get a group that does ANYTHING in av, except AFK people or people that run in and LITERALLY say “just let the horde win so we can queue again. its better if we just multi queue and let them win fast…”

Thats stupid. I want reputation and i dont get crap if we just sit in AV and bend over.

I want this crap gone as much as you do, and I know SEVERAL people who want the majority of the elitist a$$holes in that discord gone as well.

You wanna talk about some serious toxicity and people who think they are big shots cause they have a little icon next to their names? Check out the toxicity of that discord, holy hell.

So under the new queueing system, there should be no pre-mades except 5 man teams allowed in. Let me know how your rep goes under this arrangement.

I have refused to queue AV since i ground my way painfully to exalted. It will be an Alliance graveyard in my view as the map is too horde biased. Good luck though.

I hate to break it to you. The only thing that’s going to change for you is the number of people that start a game with you. Unless you get grouped with a premade the Alliance PUG will be getting smashed by Horde.

Those people in discords are amazing. The only thing they ask is for people to follow who ever takes on the responsibility as leader. If you had a negative experience with them its likley you wernt capable of following simple instructions.

Rest assured your experience next week wont be much better. But if you find it slightly better then it is now I’m happy for you. Enjoy.