Why are alliance allowed to cheat in AV?

They can form pre-mades and win in 6 minutes consistently, since group queuing is not allowed, this is literally cheating.

Why are the alliance allowed to cheat? What possible justification can there be to allow this to continue without such simple fixes available?


They don’t queue as a group, they queue at the same time. Get over it.

Aside from that, you know exactly what they are going to do. Horde brag all day long about how good they are, why can’t you stop them? It’s not like they are orchestrating some incredibly complex symphony of coordination and strategy. They do the same thing every game… stop making excuses.


Suppose to stop a giant ball of players talking in discord that paladin pull the room and kill Drek in 6 minutes? You’re delusional.

They don’t queue are a group or at the same time at all, they que then join the discord room of whatever # AV game they get. Its literally 40 players vs PuG, its literally cheating.


You are delusional. You know exactly where they are going, you know exactly what they are going to do… and when you are defeated you rant on the forums instead of accepting that you got outplayed by the lowly alliance.


You don’t see to grasp the fact its 40 ORGANIZED PEOPLE IN DISCORD vs PUG

Its not possible to stop it, its simply not. Even if you gave instructions, counting on randoms to follow them is not gonna happen. Buy a clue.

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Pretty sure this game also has a voice chat.

And you can still communicate with text chat.

Pre-mades are not all that as people make them up to be.


By the time you type out what you need to do, they have killed Drek.

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How slow are you typing?


Actually, it’s you that doesn’t seem to grasp something. They do the same exact thing every game. There is no mystery here, they aren’t keeping the horde off balance with their brilliant strat and organization. A thousand games in a row they are going to do the same thing. Stop making excuses and play better.

lrn to use DD to disrupt them… that tank wont last if the healer is stunlocked or has curse of tongues on him… the trick is to remember this is not retail.we have the nuances of classic back… use it… fyi… a lock is the bane of any AV team if they know what they are doing…

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Really, people need to subscribe more to my philosophy on PVP: don’t go for K:D ratio’s or damage ranking or any of that nonsense.

Instead, determine what your opponent is going to do and then obstruct the hell out of them.

Case in point, you know there is a deathball coming down the pipe full of sweaty tryhards who are their to do quick flips on the BG… so don’t try and out zerg them.

Instead, dig in at IBGY and just refuse to give ground. When they realize that they can’t gt past you they’ll be stuck with the choice of either trying to grind you out (not easy with a determined group) which screws with their optimization formula or dropping the BG and giving you the win.

For extra salt, send a couple of sneaks up to their base and start flipping bunkers.

In either case, they lose.


Good luck trying to get 40 randoms to do that, because the Blizz gods know I’ve tried.


The day I can get my 39 compatriots to recall right of the bat and stack inside Drek’s room when we see r11 Premades will be the story I tell my great-grandchildren.

They better pass it down too.


bad teamwork is not blizzards fault or responsibility to fix… they tried that and we wound up with live…


It’s a pain in the butt to be sure, but it’s the strat of choice since alliance out zergs horde damn near every time.

And the sooner horde figures that out the better.

I didn’t say it was

Nobody is asking to fix “bad teamwork”, asking them to fix an exploit thats being widely abused.

“Exploit.” “Cheat.”

Horde are funny.


The part they don’t like to admit is they can get in capable healers / dps and tanks into the same game so it makes it a lot easier for them to literally destroy a pug full of randos still in greens and leveling gear. “Get gud” doesn’t cut it in that scenario no matter how good you play. Sometimes we get lucky and get some determined players that can wipe them a few times. Now that there are full groups of rank 12+ with a prebuilt group plus voice coms good luck.


The Horde never researched communication and teamwork technologies, so they can’t form coordinated teams. :frowning: