Why are alliance allowed to cheat in AV?

Did you just say Horde are baboons? Not capable of following directions to achieve a goal? Lol.

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Why did horde get allowed to make premades during vanilla? Hur dur

AV premades did not exist?

Once again. There is no comparison to what is happening today. I never entered a AV over the countless times I did them and ran into a 15-40 situation. Not. One. Single. Time.

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Get off your elitist soapbox.

Actually, I just want to play the game as intended. I couldn’t care less about “leeching.” I think most people are in the same boat.

I’d rather earn my rank, than cheat my way to it.


The current Alliance premade meta is maximum honour per hour. You won’t find many premades who will do that. Most folks are in there farming for rank and those long, drawn out games interfere with that.

Personally I think it’s an undesirable way to play AV (as is cave camping, tbh), but that’s the meta.

You want others to play the game as you intend to play it. The truth comes out.

You consistently bring NOTHING to any discussion. What a elitist pig.


Was I supposed to adhere to the rules of an Echo chamber?


It’s literally not cheating, at all. Git rekt scrub.

Evade bugging the warmasters is cheating.

Using a bubble and just kiting them isn’t.

Premading isn’t.

The biggest issue is just what we all knew before launch; 1.12 itemization, talents, and AV stats makes it possible to kill Drek in the 30 seconds that you have someone kiting warmasters.

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Someone needs the light.

You’re just keeping that form of a elitist pig. I see the crap you post here. Coming from that guild I am not surprised at your sh*tty elitist attitude.

Clever use of game mechanics

I have a great attitude. I get along with lots of people. I just dont let people on the forums spew their garbage unopposed.

I’m not even suprised someone like you resorts to personal attacks.

I’ve read your posts.

You’re scum.

People like you are the reason many post from alts. You cant argue your point, you have to resort to insults. Next thing you know you’ll be harassing me in game. Pathetic.

We will just keep sniping your stupid premades. No need to harass you. Get over yourself.