Why are alliance allowed to cheat in AV?

The issue I seem to see the most is that they are already talking in the AV Premade discord about methods to get around this.

They have full on vocal bots with audible queue alerts that tell you where to go and when to queue, etc.

I dont like what they are doing at all, for sure, but i CERTAINLY cannot overlook the amount of effort that has gone into creating this discord and methods to get around these systems in place.

A lot of hard work and effort has gone into making the bots, queue system and even the automated moving, alerts and discord management. INSANE effort.

But, effort aside, I certainly do not respect that they are really ruining the game’s pvp experience for SEVERAL people, especially since it seems Rank 6 now is the new Rank 12.

I’ve ground out over 1mil honor in a week, TRYING To get to the first rank to at least get gear…and im still 57% into Rank 5. Everyone grinding out honor at a stupid rate has thrown off server’s honor systems and its WAY way worse than it was in vanilla.

Sincerely, someone who grinded a R14 back in the day. (RIP , A Skywall Horde Guild)

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The issue isnt i had a bad experience with people. I actually listen and follow the orders received. Im usually with the rogue and druid groups scouting out RH and taking the towers in horde base…

But they are really stupid when it comes to leadership, as in, they think they are literal kings and whatnot, and they play like a dumpster fire.

compared to how some people play in pugs however…id rather have the dumpster fire…

I guess the quality of people depended on the discord.

Cheating implies they have some form of unfair advantage you can not immediately counter.

You know EXACTLY where they’re going, and from the 6-7 premades i’ve played recently, Horde will try to stop the Ally push once by snowfall, and if they slip past, they port back to Drek’s room and stop them there

Alliance have 10-odd AFK’ers every game, and another 10ish 60% mounts that will never play a role apart from being in the meatgrinder or fighting for GYs/Towers

If you can not muster at least 20 people to win your game via porting back and nuking the push, then you don’t really deserve the W. Because after you wipe them, it’s basically GG for Alliance, the push is dead, GY’s and Towers are capped, and we usually end up spawning at Stormpike or Cave

well, of course it does. Its all about the tier system in the av premade discord. Sometimes, people see a little number next to their name denoting some imaginary rank and it automatically gives people who can be “Real wastes of life” acting like such to people online because their RL’s suck and they wanna be complete a-holes to everyone online “because im a big boy rank and ur jsut a regular discord usr lul” or some crap.

Haha. I wasnt in AV.

I agree. The fact that some of the 60% mounters, myself included, are easy pickings, lets some of our better people and faster people push further and get by without being stomped. I have no issues sacrificing myself for the betterment of the team for a W. Make no mistake, I fight for the team.

However, you are 20000% spot on with the strat. The thing is, my last av premade, we had 25 people at drek. AT DREK. and we had no marshals up.

Horde was wiping trying to fight marshals. We had people port back to take out horde and buy us time. However, the main tank we had was refusing to pull because “25 people at drek was not enough to take drek.” even though he had offtanks, and dps and healers.

SO they sat there and waited for horde to win. So many people were S-talking this guy in discord and after the loss, i think he was banned.

Right they are just making changes because … ?

Since it’s being patched, then by your own words, it’s an exploit. Get your story straight.

It’s not being fixed how you think it’s being fixed. But you keep believing what you want.

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