Where are the Devs? Lack of discussion

That’s certainly true to an extent. But I think the vocal element of social media is also incredibly useful in giving feedback. If people refuse to play a certain type of content, there’s no way for Blizzard to know the reasoning. For all they know, it could be because people just don’t like that content. Or it could be because that content just wasn’t implemented properly. There’s also been numerous things that were added to the game solely because of social media. There’s no in-game metric by which Blizz could’ve decided to add High Elf customizations to the game–I’m pretty sure void elves were already popular before that. I guess what I should’ve said originally instead is “I just don’t know any other way the players could directly communicate about their desires.”

That’s current content, the lack of responses to the community council that bring different topics not only the next expansion has been ignored for months, Devs said during video “regular livechats” still waiting on those, just check the council forums and you’ll notice the amount of threads and some with a lot of comments between members about common topics around the forums which are not related to the next content.

Obviously DF alpha and ptr for the next patch will receive attention but there’s a lot of feedback for the overall game in all the forums being ignored and CC forums was created as a tool to check feedback and start discussions with Devs.

They can’t respond to everything and just because they are not responding DOESNT make them ignoring any possible feedback. Also, they have rules to follow on how they approach with the community council forums. And plus some of the threads won’t lead to anywhere useful. Otherwise it’s a waste of development time when dragonflight is releasing this year.

Gonna disagree with this.

This, on the other hand, I think is spot-on.

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Okay bet… Go to the DH forum and look at all the solutions to improve the class, then go to the community council and find me one shred of response regarding it, especially after their response here:

Go ahead… Ill wait.

There was a 1,200-post thread from beta testers in BfA beta about bear tanks that got zero blue posts.

Ignoring player feedback isn’t new.

Well, they decided this new approach…Devs should be doing a bi weekly, even a monthly meeting to discuss some topics and do those live chats or comment some post there.

Clear example was the 500 mount achievement, this was mentioned since the CC forums was created but address until now during alpha and an interview with MrGM, then during the alpha build a “place holder” the yeti was introduce, there was a clear dissapointment from the community, Devs responded to that feedback but instead of also checking and analyzing the feedback, Devs decided to change the mount in the next alpha build, at least for me, that’s just a lazy approach, instead of asking the council collectors about opinions.

they still have months to check all that data and change it, not just 1 alpha build to another.

The community council isn’t representative of the WoW playerbase, though. It CAN’T be, with how small it is.

Thank god Blizzard isn’t going to them for opinions.

Believe what you will but the community council isn’t a PR move the developers were active during 9.2 PTR and on CC forums and stuff. But hey if you think somehow they didn’t change who they are than so be it believe that I won’t try to even convince you otherwise. And plus their actions already says otherwise they are being communicative and being proactive.

Sure, like the slime cat issue…“any difficulty”

and you think somehow content creators is a representation of the community when they don’t speak for everyone.

Are you talking to me? I think content creators shouldn’t even be in the alpha, all they do is manufacture drama and get people to start trouble about things those players haven’t even experienced yet. (See: this new dragonriding nonsense.)


They listen and cater to the content creators and the 1% mythic raiders over the WHOLE COMMUNITY. Look at the whole Preach non-sense, they came to him and got HIS OPINIONS on the game. Like really??? Same with god do I dare mention the neck beards name. CORRECTION ~ Manchild

No they don’t. Come on.

Who? not everyone is a content creator, I mentioned CC forums because Blizzard already mentioned that GD is toxic and they avoid these forums, so the idea of a small sample was to have a less toxic environment for discussions and feedback. Devs can still check other tools / media and forums.

No, they actually don’t if they did this game or mmo would’ve been dead ages ago. So don’t spread conspiracy theories around here without any hard evidence.

Are you not understanding anything I just said? I said just because they don’t respond doesn’t make them ignoring any of it that’s being said on the forums. And the slime cat issue affects everyone not just the community council and social media and other sources of communication.

There’s some really obvious feedback that Blizzard should listen to, but they don’t.

Covenants are a great example, there were about 500 beta testers listing - in detail - the problems with covenants. And there was 1 guy who said covenants were fine.

Blizzard listened to the 1 guy, despite the other opinions being both widespread and nearly unanimous.

That’s the kind of feedback Blizzard cannot and should not ignore. But they ignore it anyway.

A dozen streamers or CC posters, though? Yeah I wouldn’t put much faith in that sample size, either.

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Hello, I see you replied to the thread. Glad to see you won’t be quitting, you are a valuable member of the forum community and your insights on…something, I’m sure would be missed, I think.

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

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Covenants got fixed didn’t it? So stop talking about the past and as stated by the director of the game beginning in 9.1.5 they are going to change their ways and philosophy on how they approach this game going forward.

And guess what 9.2 was listened to while being developed and dragonflight is being listened too and what else do you all need huh? What else do you want them to do to prove otherwise?