Where are the Devs? Lack of discussion

The problem here is that you’re not engaging with the opposition’s arguments. The vast majority of outrage has come from the playerbase being under the assumption that the mount was always going to be available for all players (due to its generous wording) and then the wording being changed a handful of days before.

You can be in favor of there being rewards and achievements for those willing to do higher-level content and still think this is bad.


What playerbase, though?

Not a single person in my guild has ever once brought up how this mount was going to be earned. Nobody was tracking it to begin with, and nobody noticed when it changed. I didn’t even know this mount existed until this forum started posting about it, which didn’t happen at all until it was announced it wouldn’t come from LFR (which says something in itself)

This isn’t a problem to most people. You log on in game and nobody is outraged over this. Most guilds are unbothered. It’s mostly just the typical aggro sections of the GD and Twitter that hop from topic to topic to be mad about even though most of the time they weren’t gonna do whatever the content was anyway

I don’t think it’s good or bad. I think it’s completely neutral. Blizzard never said it was for sure going to be available from LFR, people just assumed that based on the wording of the achievement. Nobody was promised anything afaik

If you (not you, specifically) get it from LFR, cool.

If you have to get it from normal, also cool.

But if you stomp your feet and refuse to go into normal when those are the conditions Blizzard wants you to meet for the achievement, too bad?

Hmm,that could also apply of the players. Karma 22.

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I agree that it’s not very important in the grand scheme of things. Heck, even if the thing was given in LFR, I don’t know if I’d do it. I’ve only played 9.2 to get through the story and have barely played through Zerith Mortis so my ilvl is not nearly high enough for even LFR. To me, the most egregious element is just a lack of clarity on the devs’ part. They’ve promised to foster more discussions about the game and be more clear about their intentions for it going forward and I genuinely want to believe this. But if they can’t even be clear about a basic requirement description on an achievement and then ignore a large chunk of the community in the aftermath of mass confusion, then I have my doubts going forward (unless this was all just one big miscalculation).

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Then you’re on a dead server. Because it’s been discussed on proudmoore multiple times. Even as I was logging on and saw people talking about it.



what. just hover your mouse lol

It is being talked about all the time on my server.

So your point makes zero sense.

I mean the content wasn’t even released yet. The achievement was released before the content was which is not usual and because of how season 4 is released after 9.2.5 . This is a whole nothingburger. At the end adding to LFR or normal is their choice and both are good depending of their vision of what they want to do with the mount.

illidan is a dead server now. Get over it lmao

i tried to get the proudmoorians going but it didn’t work



I’m sorry, but if you think the wording was so vague to the point where people who thought it could come from LFR were deceiving themselves, then I’m not sure I would ever be okay with you complaining about an achievement’s description. LFR has always been treated as difficulty level by both the playerbase and dev team alike. Don’t put this on the playerbase.

Why would you track it? If you’ve seen the description and see that it applies to LFR, you just say “cool” and wait for the patch to come. I don’t think most people obsessively check the requirement for an achievement every day just to make sure it didn’t change overnight. The reason why people didn’t start talking about it until people started announcing it on the forums was because it was the first time it was brought to their attention. If you want to immediately assume that they’re all just acting in bad faith and don’t truly care about the topic and are just trying to gain clout off the outrage, you be you. But I generally like to actually engage with the actual things people are saying.

Omg, too funny! :joy: :joy:

This is such dramatic wording. “Don’t put this on the playerbase.” “they’re acting in bad faith.” That’s not really what I mean. People like to be mad about stuff. It’s the GD. Anyone that’s been here for a long time knows that to be true. And what’s also true about the GD is a lot of the most frequent posters do not play the game very much. The GD is what they enjoy. That’s totally fine.

In game and in patch notes, we have subtext changed all the time in this game. It’s not “putting it on the playerbase” to acknowledge that sometimes things aren’t worded clearly or don’t go the way you thought they were supposed to. Is that always cause for an uproar? Absolutely not.

I’m also suggesting most people had no idea where it was going to come from at all to even know that there was any implication it could also come from LFR. I know I sure didn’t, and I play a lot and pay attention to pretty much every set of patchnotes/hotfixes/etc. That’s why I don’t think this is a big deal to the majority of people. To people that do track these things, it can be a big deal depending on how they feel about normal raiding.

But most people won’t be that mad about them changing the wording and also be highly anti-normal raid.

Achievement farmers and mount collectors are rarely adverse to normal raiding, because there’s almost always some sort of mount or achievement attached to it that they have to do.

The demographic of player that is so anti-raid that they would be mad about this is going to be very isolated to places like the GD.

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No one’s really debating this. Just be clear about it from the get-go and don’t get casuals’ hopes up. As far as many were concerned, the mount was going to be the main content they were going to do when Season 4 came out. Now, they’re just finding out that the patch is only for PVPers and raiders doing Normal or higher. Some undoubtedly subscribed an extra month just to be here for season 4’s release.

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People that look at PTR or beta or stuff that isn’t released yet will always have problems with their hopes.

You act like it’s every PTR where they introduce a singular piece of content for a specific subset of the playerbase and have the requirements pretty low for them, only to then up the requirements a week before launch so that it’s out of their grasp again.

Addendum: Obviously, to some degree, basing all your hopes for the game on a PTR can be a bad idea. But the slime mount being a more general and casual-friendly piece of content for people to chew on till DF seemed pretty coreographed. I would argue that there are some staple elements of a PTR that should be treated as somewhat set in stone.

They’ve made multiple changes a couple days before release and some even that wasn’t tested. In this case there a multiple reasons that can explain the change like heroic and mythic having and achievement and normal not having one, so that achievement that people keep linking for the mount might just have been the one for normal.

If the mount is the only reason you would do the content then good you can take a break and not have to redo SL raids that you have already done when LFR main purpose is to see the story.

There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing. There are tons of mounts in the game I’m sure those people can farm other mounts instead if they really want a mount. This one might be out of reach and there’s fomo attached to it, sure.

Ok but that subset was apparently never LFR-only players, or people adamant about never doing normal

I hope y’all get it, I do. But man, if raiders had outrage on the GD like this every time something changed on us from PTR to live sheeeeeesh

I mean, preferably, your subscription-based service would continue to provide content to all players in order to keep them subscribed. If Blizz isn’t interested in that, that’s their problem.

This seems like a cop-out. With this argument, you could essentially give Blizz the benefit of the doubt on any negative change they made from PTR to live: “Well, I guess they always intended it this way from the get-go.” In regards to this specific change, however, I think you’re probably correct. I think whoever typed in the achievement text just messed up in being too vague in their wording. Either way, I’d expect them to at least own up to it in one way or another rather than just fixing it a week before launch and trying to minimize said mistake’s implications (besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen in them giving the general playerbase more content).

Once again, I cannot stress enough that it wasn’t just “another thing” in the PTR. It was incredibly coreographed (either intentionally or non-intentionally) to be a community-wide piece of content for this final season. The community voted on the mount early on in the xpac and of all the season 4 content announcements, it was seemingly the only major piece of content aimed at the casual crowd. There were people who continued their subs for it rather than just waiting for Dragonflight pre-patch.

I don’t know what more can be said on this topic. The mount was a real easy thing to deliver the playerbase as a general piece of content and fun while we all hunker down for Dragonflight to roll around. Blizz was accidentially misleading on the subject and could very easily just make it obtainable on LFR (both for the sake of maintaining subs as well as soothing hurt feelings). If they choose not to, they’re practically doing so in the name of a very rigid and old mentality which many had hoped would dissolve given Blizz’s vows to change their ways of thinking. Doing it would not hurt or deprive upper-level players of anything, only give lower level players something to do till Dragonflight prepatch.

Lets be honest with ourselves here the community council was a quick and easy tool to try to scavenge some PR. Blizzard for the majority of its life time as a company has ignored player feed back. They will ignore the General discussion forums, they will ignore the community council forums, they will ignore the comment sections of mmorpg champion and wowhead, they will ignore twitter and any other social media website.

They have a lot of players actively paying attention to wow now because they listened for like what 1-2 months? They believe they have their playerbase back, tons of people preordered when they shouldn’t of now blizzard is cocky again.

Wanna know the interesting thing too? They stopped listening to feed back and started doing their own thing again once Blizzard got Diablo Immortal back in china after its temporary ban. My conspiracy theory was once they realized they couldn’t get big profits from china they started listening to their western audience, but as soon as they got their chinese audience back its back to full focus on scummy practices.

On to note: They promised an announcement for warcraft 3 that they haven’t ignored it. There is one minor update that isn’t even in the game yet since the june announcement with no update on when it will be updated.

They announced for the second time Heroes of the storm wont have any patches, balances, reworks, or content outside bug fixes (maintenance mode). And now the soar nerf and the slime cat change? Its all anti player changes.