When Are Race Changes?

Has nothing to do with Meta this was already explained. I want to make the correct build that makes me happy and does significantly more damage. Doing half the damage and not being able to wear certain gear isn’t fun.

Again not deleting my Main and making a new one because this very basic Wrath feature hasn’t been added yet. Many of us are still waiting for the actual release of WotLK. This version isn’t it. Which is why private servers are still so successful and if they can do it… so can Blizz.

The first thing im doing when faction transfers come out is changing this priest into a Dwarf. Humans are so overrated and overplayed. Like another poster said, it won’t magically give you a high arena rating.

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done moanin?

Nope no motivation to even log in this phase when we are just missing core features. Really need a Race change to play. Leveling another character might be okay if they at least added RDF. This is a shell of Wrath of the Lich King. Hope the Devs get their act together.

There is zero reason for the game to not have these features. It’s just hurting the player growth and engagement.

The Devs are holding back Wrath Classic and it’s crazy Private servers can do it right when Blizz can’t. Adding Race change, RDF and more features will only help player participation flourish. Also replayability.

Players want to play Wrath but it isn’t Wrath till they add in the Wrath features.

Uh, did you miss the memo on the front page?

Wrath Classic: For a Limited Time Get Up to 30% Off on Paid Faction Changes (worldofwarcraft.com)

you can buy 2 faction changes.

This whole thread is loaded with

Seems like there is a problem with doing that as others have brought up in the thread. We should of had Race change on day 1 as well as RDF and Wrath population would of been booming and kept players instead of losing most of them.

Let me know how that goes 30 days after the cooldown on your first faction change expires :joy: good idea

They have mentioned that faction change would have came first, followed by race. Assuming all goes well with the faction changes and it’s not buggy as hell, hopefully we get race changes in a week or two.


“That would be a massive mistake. Wrath became the best expansion due to RDF and was the best feature ever added into WoW. It will only drive up population and help with gearing and finding new friends.”

RDF was only TECHNICALLY added in Wrath, it was added during the Cataclysm pre-patch. Wrath was already the best expansion before RDF was released, it was the absolute peak of WoW in relation to amount of active player base. RDF actually killed the game, with a drastic decrease in subscriber count. Having meaningful friendships in WoW died the day RDF was released.
Signing up for a dungeon for some bonus loot/exp, cruising through the dungeon, and then leaving the group and never speaking to those people again. What a spectacular social experience. Great idea.

This is not true. It was added in the major content patch. Numbers were trending down and after RDF subs hit their highest in WoW history. It was a major success and helped Wrath flourish bringing old players back and new players to the game by giving them a way to complete content that was fun.

RDF is the best feature ever added to the game. I’ve made more friends with RDF then without. It’s the best feature for leveling, targeting gear, and allowing players to complete content. That is why Wrath surged after it’s introduction. It was the single best QoL feature that helped players enjoy the game and get into Dungeons.

RDF was the ice breaker giving everyone a fair shot of getting into content and enjoying all Wrath had to offer.


Imagine an official post from blizzard with discounts for their "long awaited service - Faction Change!!! " and every response on that post was flaming them for being so tone deaf for not releasing race changes… no one wants to go to the dead side of their realm and then be forced to pay to transfer to a likely lesser non locked lower populated realm - Or the realms that have been staying afloat with slight faction balance of 30-70 get turned into 10-100. Im glad they are offering more services and its a step in the right direction but its so poorly executed… they should have done both at the same time if not race change - at least unlock realm restrictions along with faction change…

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You actually talk and befriend the people you join 5mans with on a regular basis? stop lyin big bro

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