When Are Race Changes?

Then Wrath Classic will never be good. Guess we can play private servers for the real experience.

Why should I have to level another character to do what should be in the game at launch? Blizz just driving people away constantly by dropping the ball here. They killed their own game.

That sucks. This shouldn’t be a coding issue and it needs to be resolved so people can enjoy the game.

It’s holding me back from having fun. This has been stated in detail already.

It is not a simple copy and paste of an old system into an old patch. This is classic and the code is much more a spaghetti platter full of retail.

Yea maybe I’ll just keep waiting till they fix the game and have all the features added like Race change, RDF etc. I can play other games while waiting for Wrath.

They really should offer free boost till they can fix Race changes. That doesn’t fix the problem but at least would compensate their big mistakes some.

Race change came out in TBC, not sure why it’s taking so long to get into Classic.


RDF is not being added.

They are not fixing something they are adding something. That requires time and effort. Granted I am on board with you here it is taking them to long. This is not a case of you promised me something and did not deliver. You are not owed anything.

It did not come out until over a year after wrath of the lich king was released. This is just an uninformed comment.

EMFH isn’t suddenly going to make you win games, EMFH is a panic button for most people and if you’re one of the people that it isn’t a panic button for, you wouldn’t feel as if being Human is a deal breaker for you. The other racials require more thought and reaction time to use effectively maybe save for WotF which is basically the same as EMFH.

Being able to use another dps/mitigation trinket largely doesn’t matter until late TotGC/ICC where trinkets are just that good. Your enjoyment now shouldn’t be predicated on a simple racial. It honestly sounds like you just like doing a lot of damage in PvP and dislike the thinking aspect of it, big number go brrr I guess.

That would be a massive mistake. Wrath became the best expansion due to RDF and was the best feature ever added into WoW. It will only drive up population and help with gearing and finding new friends.

I mean they should of spent a year of time preparing to add Race change for launch of WotLK Classic. They had plenty of time.

Yes years too long.

I just want to play WotLK and this version of it is trash. I am not owned anything but just wish Blizz would get their act together so the players have a game they can enjoy. Their neglect and not being able to pull off simple features and deliver the product we loved is their fault. So we just stop playing.

Wrath Classic doesn’t have to be such a negative iteration of the best expansion. Why can private servers do such an amazing job but a billion dollar company can’t?

Disagree and most importantly it’s going to make me enjoy the game. As already highlighted in detail. Yet you ignored most of that to deflect and make this troll post.

What type of statement is this :man_facepalming:

Everyone enjoys doing a lot of damage in PvP. You obviously can’t counter anything I said so now you are just spewing jibberish. We need Race changes and we needed them at launch. Not having Race change and important features just hurts the game and drives players away.

I like how those are the two things you decide to respond to lol.

At least use the entire sentence.

Faction change came in Wrath, race change came in TBC.

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You must have not have been around classic these last 3 years.

They stated it wasnt going to be added but then changed their mind close to launch. So no timeline wise you are way off here.

Wrath classic has been out for…what 4 months? IDK how you keep track of time but it might be best to get on the same system as the rest of us.

Please look this up and then get back to me.

A Race Change is a paid service that was first available on October 27, 2009 . Characters can change their race for $25 (USD) but not the faction.

The Faction Change service is a paid service being offered by Blizzard since September 2nd, 2009 in the US and September 17th, 2009 in the EU , which allows you to change the faction (Alliance or Horde) of a character.

Seems both became a thing in WotLK, you’re correct.

may not be a fotm issue at this time, in vanilla some races were a big deal.
Dwarf priest being a pretty good example, now some people are still stuck with the dwarf.
If you think those people picked that race class combo because hey liked it you are mistaken.
They picked it because if you had to choose a nelf priest or a dwarf priest you would pick the dwarf every day.

This game is all about making choices, and how those choices matter. I picked a race I like, even though human was the best option for Alliance rogues in PVE and PVP for Vanilla and TBC. I don’t have any sympathy for the meta chasers. They benefited from their choice in Vanilla or TBC. If they just have to be a difference race now, they can always level another character.

Not all meta chase this though.

some have an 80 and are bored with the race.

and making a new one isn’t a speedy process.

and for 1 last bit of fun, now that 80 has unlocks like mounts and titles they don’t want to redo. Or can’t. classic sealed on tbcc. tbcc sealed on wrath.

this is why retail has race change popular. you will find the void elf with achievements and mounts from OG vanilla up the expac list. the void elf was something else before. and the void elf is not even a caster. Its best racial is only applicable to casters.

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@blizz please let us know when this is coming, many players are trying to prepare for this in different ways

Unviable race? You do damage just fine… Maybe it is you and not the race

Actually it isn’t anywhere close and explained why in this post.

Yea I’ll likely skip this phase too because not playing till I can Race change and they add the Wrath features. I’m not leveling another warrior then deleting this main because they won’t add a Race change. Just take my money Blizz and let me play!! Jesus!!

Still viable just not meta, and idgaf about meta chasing so I will stay with my original statement.