When Are Race Changes?

Just wondering when I can finally Race change so I can really play the game. Just wish they opened up all these features a long time ago. Less people would of quit while waiting for Race change, RDF, cross-realm etc. At least with cross-realm I can finally Que with my friends so that is a reason to come back. Just would be great if we just added every feature so Wrath can be awesome. Why wait and make players wait to come back.

This game can flourish if they stop delaying features.

Edit - Still waiting for Race change. I’m not deleting my main and leveling a new one because you won’t add Race change. Guess I’ll skip this phase too. Please just take my money and add it so I can play!


They havent announced anything yet, however they did say it was coming. Its another example of blizz being so damn frustrating with this kind of stuff. Its an obvious add, it was in wotlk OG, the player base wants it…

I will say, not to put on the tin foil hat TOO much… but they did just unlock the locked servers and there has been weird server stuff going on last couple days. So hopefully there is a slim chance this is them prepping for what will most likely be a mass change up with imminent faction changes.


Later in the phase or next phase.

Realistically you have no idea if its later this phase, next phase, or next lock out.

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I mean, they intended it for this phase so…

Would love to know your source on that, pretty sure they never committed to anything, just said it’s more complicated than they thought.

NVM, found it.

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Yea it’s just painful that I’m stuck as this unviable race which hurts my build. So I just don’t play because I don’t want to make an entire new character to be the correct race. It’s just frustrating that the game could be fun and I’m waiting on features to be added latter.

This isn’t complicated. Just add the features and watch the game grow to it’s full potential.

And Blizzard gets paid. we’d all win here

I don’t even want to join a feared human zerg rush. I have the human. I want them to go team blood elf lol.

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You make no sense how can your enjoyment stem from which race you are.


I can’t find this tweet when looking directly… did he delete it?

I can wear better gear and the required Trinkets. I’m just not effective or competitive till I’m human and can wear the required gear. It’s super annoying to be like ohhh I could meet the breakpoints I need and be decent “IF” we just had race changes. I shouldn’t have to level another Warrior, been waiting since TBC for Race changes, how long do I have to wait to play? It isn’t complicated. Blizz you are driving players away and missing out on possible subs.

Furthermore the other features would also help the game and why original Wrath was so popular. RDF just will finally get me back into dungeons and help Wrath flourish like it originally did. I quit months ago cause of no cross-realm and couldn’t play with friends. Finally they added it and can now Que with them. Now we are waiting on Race change?!!

Come on Blizz get your act together!!! All these features should of been at launch. Wrath was the best expansion and pinnacle of WoW but you gotta give us the freedom to play again. You gotta add in what made Wrath such a good expansion. This is a shell of the former game.

Every time I log in and say “IF” I could only race change and have fun. It’s annoying. Gonna just play another game and wait I guess. How many phases do we need to skip till the real WotLK starts? Jesus!!! I have nothing good to say about the Dev team so I won’t keep going.


The differences you’re talking about at the end of the day don’t really matter. The gear on a Night Elf Warrior is going to be 99.99% the same as if a Human Warrior were to wear it. You’re talking about like less than a 20 dps difference.

Race change is honestly fine but if you think that race plays such a big role in how much dps you do then I don’t know what to tell you.

If you’re refering to racials I’d understand, the meta race for Mages is Troll because of their Berserking which is basically a free Icy Veins. Any Mage that’d want to perform at their best would switch to a Troll solely for this reason and in my opinion it’s bad game design to have a race that just so clearly better than all the others.

Faction change is something that should never have been added or even conceptualized, all faction change will do is exactly what it did in retail, make every server 99% Horde because that’s where the PvE meta racials are.

LFD/RDF isn’t in WotLKC only being able to queue BG’s/arena with people from other servers.

Popular doesn’t equal good, just because WotLK was the height of WoW’s sub count doesn’t mean it was the greatest. Not saying WotLK isn’t good but I think people mix popular with good too often.

I’m gonna conclude by saying this, you seem to be under the impression that you’d enjoy the game more if you weren’t your current race. All I can say to that is you’re fooling yourself if you think that the game would be more enjoyable if you were race X. If you’re not enjoying the game now you’re likely to not enjoy the game when you’re finally the race you want.


You are wrong they are everything. I know and have played this game a long time. I know the stats “Required” and can’t attain them because I’m stuck wearing the wrong trinkets.

Wrong I’m talking about 20-40% damage on my burst in PvP. Wearing a Medallion trinket instead of a Block value or Arp Trinket is 20-40% dmg and means everything in PvP.

I finally was able to cross Que in Arena with my friend but told him we have to wait to play because I’m not Human and can’t wear the Trinkets our comp needs to be competitive.

This is just stupid that this is the problem when the solution is simple. Take my money Blizz and let me play the game!!! My friends and I are waiting :cry: :sob:

It does for PvP because you are forced to wear medallion instead of important gear that finishes the build. Key word finishes the build. It’s almost not even worth playing till I can Race change to human so I can ditch the medallion. I’m just waiting to be able to play at this point. Hoping one day I can just play.

Actually it was. WotLK is the pinnacle of WoW and it went downhill after.

Yes this is a fact!!! I can then make the build I want and enjoy the game. Until then I just won’t enjoy the game. So this simple feature that would allow people to play and have fun should of been available at launch.

You are completely wrong. I’ve been through this before. In WoD I faction changed from Orc to Human because it was a massive burst increase in my build for Glad Stance in PvP. Once I attained double Dps BiS trinkets faction changing to Human brought so much joy!! I had a blast and it was a great time to be alive.

I know what is going to give me satisfaction this is actual history. You are making foolish assumptions and are actually ignorant to imply you know what is best for me or what makes me happy.

I know for a fact I’m not going to be satisfied till I can wear the “REQUIRED” gear to be competitive. I’m literally losing and can’t compete till I can Race change.


Unviable for what?

Going human wont help you break 1300


Troll comment.

I can’t wear the required gear I need. It’s just not fun being totally stuck and waiting the entire expansion to Race change to the correct Race to enjoy the game. In TBC I was Night elf it was good and now it’s terrible. I “NEED” to be Human to achieve the play style that is fun and competitive.

Being Night Elf and hitting someone for 6k and they CC or get away or being Human and hitting someone for 10k+ and killing them is a big difference.

I don’t think I should have to delete my Classic main and level a new one to be happy! That’s just stupid Blizzard!! These features are required and no brainers. I can just go play a private server and have fun I guess. Just crazy that Blizz is dropping the ball this badly :cry:

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Because something is true yet you dont like doesnt mean its a troll


Not only isn’t true but it’s completely “Irrelevant” to the topic which makes it a troll comment. Waiting to play the game because they won’t add the features you need is frustrating. I can just play a private server and get what I need while we wait for Blizz to add it?

Sorry that I want to enjoy the game and am waiting for Blizz to make that possible. Just add Race change and these features so we can enjoy and play the game.


They really botched WotLK Classic. Hope some day it’s actually Wrath and the expansion we loved.

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They stated in a community interview race change specifically was an issue coding wise. They went on to say that if faction change didnt come with the ulduar patch it would come soon after but BEFORE race change. (separate service)

How that works your guess is as good as mine. I would have expected faction change by now but here we are.

Hopefully never. The last thing the game needs is more pandering to FOTM re-rollers.

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Been waiting for race change since TBC? You could have leveled and geared multiple characters by now if you really wanted a human warrior. Being a night elf isn’t holding you back.