What the heck blizzard do something about this

how is it that it took 2 hours and 3 mvp’s only for a random mage to find what i was looking for…

I was speaking for myself, this is a player to player discussion forum after all.

It was in direct response

Though that was only part of the CoC, there is also Defamation which was a part of the area I quoted, then someone else later expanded upon.

the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.

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you should have linked https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/welcome-please-read/1647/3?u=teufelgott-1764
that completely answers my question but in an attempt to be “right” you brushed me off because they are clearly not in the same spot or explain nearly the level of detail


  1. That’s the UK site
  2. We’re on the US region of the game.

In general, it’s the same sticky post on every sub forum, in the US and EU.


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I don’t really see a benefit in allowing the trend in this discussion to continue so I’m going to go ahead and close it down. The correct responses were offered up in the beginning of this thread but I’ll touch on them:

  • If you believe you’ve encountered players that are cheating, please use the in-game tools provided to report them. This not only flags them for review but provides location information to the game teams. Both allow for trend monitoring (trend of the account being reported and of the locations in-game).
  • Bot reports do not result in immediate action. Often they are collected, investigated, and broken before a wave of account closures is issued.

The botting industry is sophisticated and constantly evolving with the financial backing of players who purchase gold from them. So while we may identify a specific bot and take action, they are fairly quick to create updates and then the fight starts over again.

One sure way to combat them? Stop making it profitable. If you see players talking about buying gold, discourage them from doing it. They’re funding botters, and telling the developers of these cheats that there is a market in your communities.

So please continue to report them using the in-game reporting tools. And feel free to forward information to Hacks@Blizzard.com if you find something that might be helpful.

Thank you!