How can I contact the GM for Zul'Jin?

Ultimately you’re correct. CS can’t do anything and the hacks team whatever they are doing over there I would assume they are doing (or have already done). It even states on that TOS link I stated earlier that there’s no guarantee of receiving any kind of response:

" Due to the volume of reports, you may not receive a response from our team. However, we take all reports very seriously. Thank you for your vigilance!"

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How do you know not all log files are kept more than a day or two?

I think the question

How can I contact the GM for Zul’Jin?

Has ultimately been answered.

Common Problems

* I want to report a cheating player.

To report a player in World of Warcraft:

  1. Right-click the player’s name in chat.
  2. Click Report Player For:
  3. Select the most appropriate option.
  4. Click Accept.

Note: To report a player in a battleground who is not participating, click on the player’s name and select Report Player Away.

To file a detailed report, including videos and screenshots:

  1. Email
  2. Provide as many details as possible about the situation.

Due to the volume of reports, you may not receive a response from our team. However, we take all reports very seriously. Thank you for your vigilance!

Best wishes on the OP, hopefully the reports will ultimately lead to a proper investigation.


Has been said by a Blizzard employee in years past. I don’t have a link any more as they were on a previous iteration of the forums.


I understand where you’re coming from on this now. But, time frame on this subject matters. If that was years ago, things change evolve and update in time. It could be the same on when you first saw what you originally saw or it could have changed.

We don’t know ultimately how they do their stuff because they don’t want hackers or cheaters figuring it out.

When you said what you did it was like “wait… hold on what?” but I understand why you said what you did earlier and it makes sense.

We just don’t know if that’s still the case currently and will never know.

My friend,
There’s a difference between answering a question to end a post,
And understanding the problem and handing it forward to someone who is in the area that can do something about it.

So please understand,
There’s a growing problem, of a professional hacker, and its not anymore a basic report/email and wait.
Ofc I understand the TOS and that I don’t have the right to expect an answer or a solution, but hey I’m a customer and all I want is to please forward a note to the team that something in particular has been growing big in the wrong direction.

Ofc I know a GM isn’t the hacks team, nor the forum’s MVP. That’s why I ask and expect that you help forwarding this issue to the hacks team, so they can check if they want to prioritize this.

Thank you very much, appreciated.

Except there isn’t a number to call. That number was taken out of service a long time ago. The only methods of reaching the staff is through tickets or live chat, and the latter is ONLY for billing purposes when it’s open and available.

All of this back and forth is kind of redundant. For all the ‘evidence’ collected, you guys do not have what data Blizzard has. You’ve given them what you do have, you’ve made the reports.

Your job here is finished. You do not get to know what their final decision is or anything else as that is between Blizzard and the accused.

As a fellow player, that is not something I would be able to offer.


A moderator would not be able to escalate reports to the hack email either.


If you have already emailed the Hacks team then they already have the information. There is nothing anyone can forward to them. No one on this forum can forward a message for you.


Unfortunately it is, hack investigations take time. does that time suck for legitimate players like me and you ? yes it does but that’s just the way it is. Blizzard has to do multiple things a) find out how they are hacking , b ) patch said ability to hack out of the game where does not affect us legitimate players c) test that patch to make sure it doesn’t cause other issues, d) send that patch to the servers (usually during Tuesday downtime) before they ban that player to make sure that not only do they ban them , but they get all others using the same method to hack the game and keep them from knowing what part of their hack code was detected and blocked making it harder for them to be able to come back with modified code and do it immediately after with a new account.


I know that in any company there’s a CS and a manager who can understand when something is out of the normal, and can act on it, sending a note at least, and ofc letting that department act or not, their prerrogative. But I know of no place where a customer would be left with not a positive answer. So I understand what you wrote but I can’t agree with it ok.

If no person in the forum can help me further, no problem. It just means I’ll have to look for another means of CS. Thank you for saving my time.

What people are trying to say is that you have exhausted all those avenues and now it’s just a waiting game while the hacks team does their job and deals with the suspected hacker. The end result may take longer than you , or I, would like but the end result if they are hacking will be them one day just not being there and that particular hack no longer being used (unfortunately new ones will appear shortly after that which is why as legitimate players we must stay vigilant and report all suspected hacks)


Thank you for answering me, we can now close this post.

It’s not a problem that you have no power to help with my issue, and since not even a moderator can direct a message in my name as CS to another department, no problem either, I understand and accept.

This was just one of the places I started looking for CS, thanks for helping me. I’ll see what other channels I can get until I find a manager. Thanks and have a good weekend.

A “manager” is not going to be able to do anything more than what is currently being done. You reported them. You gave additional information. There is nothing else you can do. Bot reports are handled in the order they are received. Your report is not more important than someone else’s bot report.

If the player you reported is using a bot program, Blizzard could be monitoring it to see what it does, how it works, what possible exploit it might be using. Can they detect the specific program? Can they break the exploit without breaking the game? Then they do a mass-ban. It is much more effective than the whack-a-mole method you are looking for in this specific instance.


How do you know such specifics like the order they are handled, and how? Or you’re guessing on logic?

Again, this is not a problem of service, its not my intent today, I’m not angry or dissatisfied or wanting problem, today I’m just looking for CS, someone who can send a note to the hacks team about one situation that has been for 69 days at least, and that’s all. They can look at it, and decide or not to act on it, and they don’t even have to answer.

Think like me as a player, my game is heavily affected already by the boosters in arena, in more than half of my 2s games I find someone so well geared and experienced coming to my rating, that we can’t kill that person even as 2v1.
Then I’m at the auction house and there’s a botter taking it for himself for almost two and a half months. Its becoming hard to play and to do professions. All I want is some peace.

Why would they do them in any other order? What makes your report more important than one about a different player? It’s been posted by Blizzard employees multiple times, usually in threads made by players who have been actioned. Those threads get deleted or delisted because discussing account action is not permitted on the forum.

Because people have been told by forum reps. This is not new information. Just because it doesn’t line up with what you want to happen doesn’t make it inaccurate.

I also feel compelled to warn you (and others) that you are subject to the same rules surrounding harassment as everyone else. The things you say you and others have done sounds to be treading dangerously close to the line. Even if you are 100% right and the character is botting, you still are not allowed to break the rules.

Move on. Go play the game. You reported, and that is where your responsibility ends.


This has already happened, you have sent a message to hacks already. They have will look at it and decide what action needs to be taken.

BTW we are all players just like you (unless it is a Blue post), this is more of a help desk to get people to the right spot to get help. The Blues here can help answer questions but they are not GMs and do not pass along notes to the Devs or Hacks. We know this because most of us here have been helping on this forum for a long time (I myself have been posting here since right after BC released). We have seen the Blues answer these questions numerous times and have an understanding of how the process works.


To answer some of the questions asked, I’ll start with the first. If you wish to contact a Game Master (who are not realm specific), you’d need to submit a ticket. Keep in mind that they are not part of the hacks team, nor would they be able to do more than you already have by emailing with the information you already have.

I’m not certain if that is accurate, but I don’t know what it is directly referencing. The majority of the logs that our Support staff has access to last a minimum of a month. There are situations in which information is purged fairly quickly, such as newly created characters that have never been logged into. Deleting those will purge them from the database fairly quickly.

If you’ve emailed the hacks team as you claim, then you have already done so. Our Support Staff nor Support Forum Agents would be able to do much else.

It doesn’t really work like that, we don’t have varying levels of… well if a GM can’t do that, ask for a supervisor, if they cannot, ask for theirs, etc… Our Game Masters work closely with their management, and anything they are able to do is still based on the policies and procedures that govern our department. Any “special permission” that they would need, they’d be able to get then. We would not be able to escalate the case to be given special priority.

It is important to understand that as it is, we don’t know what the current status of your report is. It is entirely possible that your information was already reviewed and if valid, an investigation may have been opened up to look into the means and methods that are being used. That is part of the process when it comes to these investigations. The Hacks team looks into how they are doing what they are doing and works on methods to break, block or detect it so that anyone using it can be dealt with. That often takes time, which can make it seem like nothing is being done.

That will unlikely ever not be frustrating, but we do appreciate the efforts that are made to make sure that these matters are reported and addressed.


Thank you Vrakthris for your thought-out and informative answer. That is well worded and that makes me really happy to see. Thank you so much for your time and for responding like you did. Have a good weekend!