What the heck blizzard do something about this

Calling-out, or naming-and-shaming, is considered harassment because of the line I quoted first. By posting something that can identify specific characters you help trolls target those players. If they are legitimate players, you have put a target on their backs. If they are stolen accounts, when the account owners gain control of their accounts again, they too would have a target on their backs.

There are a lot of legitimate players gold-farming at the moment because they are trying to get the longboi before it’s no longer available for purchase. I’m not saying you’re wrong about possible botting, but it may not be the only explanation for them. Right-click report and move on.


there are a few things in that line that dont add up

that states a pattern one occurrence is not a pattern by definition if the result of the players action lead to harassment thats another story but thats not how its written “if the players actions result in” should be in its place if thats the cast



there are a few things in that line that dont add up

that states a pattern one occurrence is not a pattern by definition if the result of the players action lead to harassments thats another story but thats not how its written.

I also linked the COC in that post. like many ppl have said it’s best to right click and report then move on … that simple.

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But naming-and-shaming would result in multiple harassing comments to the player identified. It would be on-going. As well, anyone who came across the post at a later date could also harass the player. One post by you could result in hundreds of posts to that player. That would be harassment.


but thats not the issue fam im looking for where this player “broke the rules” and everyone just links me the coc and i have clearly stated that the wording thats being uses is not correct by definition and i would like some kind of link to terms of service or something stating that you cant call someone out because harassments is not correct because that term implies a pattern.

To be fair, you were the one that started the whole ‘legal definition’ argument.


cant stand when people use terms without an understand of what the word even means and if the community is going to be rather mean to someone whos just trying to help us out with bots im going to defend him

They know what Blizzard means when Blizzard uses it.


To be 100% frank with you - you’re given the rules and link to said rules. That’s all that’s governs everything in and out of game related to WoW. You’re not going to say what you wish, nor try to rule lawyer your way into doing what one’s want to do.

The rules state we can’t name and name, and that’s the end all, be all of it. No, you don’t get to reword it to suit your needs, no, you’re not going to do what you want on this forum because you feel like one has the right to.

Again, the rules been state and no one will change how it is beside the folks who made it.


The irony of this comment, given the grammar, punctuation, and misspellings, cannot be overstated.


regardless of the fact my point still remains

the only point you have made is you don’t understand the rules here


Them breaking the rules doesn’t mean you can.


Derailing a thread is also against the rules. This poor thread was answered in the first reply.

If Demenes wants to debate the wording of Blizz rules, they can start a fresh thread, though the answer isn’t going to change.


Rufflebottom pretty much nailed why naming and shaming in a video would constitute harassment - you are trying to provoke a public response against a player.

The video itself proves nothing, The only thing Blizzard uses as a basis for discipline are the logs and the data that is collected from them when you right-click-report,

Supplying a video instead of right-click-report just slows the investigation now as the time stamps of the logs in question has to be determined and the logs manually reviewed to pull out the relevant data.


what rule am i breaking im inquiring on where it says you cant name individuals…and no one can seem to link that to me all they are linking is a term thats does not apply

I’d argue that a better venue for that conversation would be https://twitter.com/BlizzardCS .


where do i do that at i am really curious what an official from blizzard would have to say

people, stop biting.

kal already has their hands full.

in case people need a reminder, last 2 bullet points:

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Naming and shaming is considered harassment. Since you like “legal” definitions, in the game Blizzard makes the “laws”. Their “law” is that naming-and-shaming on the forums is not allowed.


Could I just report them on the forums?

  • No, this is not an appropriate place for such reports and could be considered harassment itself. We do not allow what is considered “naming and shaming” and any such threads are likely to be edited or deleted. No investigations will be initiated as the result of a forum post and could result in the temporary loss of forum posting privileges.