Armory link posting, reporting twinks away

One or two people I know tried this early on and said that when the XP-on/off is toggled while queued, it auto-cancels the queue. That way, one is forced to requeue which would then put them in the proper bracket.

I’ll have to ask them to make sure I understood right.

UPDATE: This is indeed the case: while queued, toggling XP either way will auto cancel the queue.


That would make sense for it to cancel the queue. I’ve never turned my XP off personally, so I’d be interested to know what you find out!

Don’t quote me on that. I’m going to see if I can hunt down the conversation.

If I can’t find it, I’ll try it when I get home tonight.
(Which I did try. See below).

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Edit this out immediately please. We don’t want to give any ideas

Edit. I may stand corrected, but I have a feeling it involves manipulating some form of this system.

It worked that way a few months ago as well - Last time I toggled xp while being queued.


Why are we freely advertising the exploit here?

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Exploits should be reported using the in-game Bug Report option on the Help Menu. That way Blizzard is informed and the information is not spread to curious players.

I personally don’t feel it was naming or shaming. I brought the person in question I was referring to by linking their armory and showing that after several games with me they were not leveling by attaching screenshots with the post of them remaining the same level after several games.

Also, I agree, let’s not post HOW the exploit is done please. It’s been reported through a bug report and in game. Let’s not help the community any more by continued posting of the exploit.

So you linked to their armory and posted a screenshot too, in an attempt to show that they were not breaking any rules? Or was it because you were trying to provide proof (if you can even call it that) of the other player using an exploit?

While you might not agree, you did exactly what is considered naming and shaming.


That is still naming and shaming


You pretty much just defined naming and shaming, despite what your intentions behind it were.

I know it is frustrating, however in that particar instance the player was correct. I would hate to see you get forum vacation, lose the ability for trust level three, and have the penalty double for the next infraction while you felt justified in your actions.

Especially if what led to this is a player using an exploit in the first place. Unfortunately, two wrongs don’t make a right.



As I suspected, while waiting in queue, changing the one’s XP status (in either direction) auto cancels the queue. Thus that’s not a possible exploit.


I think others have already answered this sufficiently but just to make it more official. If you believe someone is exploiting please use the Right Click for: Cheating option.

The /afk system is entirely different and as noted, won’t get those players looked at.

Simply linking an armory profile of players you believe to be exploiting would be considered harassment, as it falls under “naming and shaming” or “calling out”. Neither of which we allow on these forums.

If you were having a discussion with someone in a thread and included their armory profile, much depends on the context. If you are doing so to call them out, that tends to fall under harassment.

Additional in-game screenshots should be avoided as that starts to get back into harassment.

If you believe people are exploiting, and want to report the method on which they are attempting to do so, please submit a bug report and/or write to


Apologies for the need to edit my post. Was only trying to provide facts on the issue, since it had been inaccurate speculation, which seemed less useful. I’ll be careful to be less specific on the forums and use the hacks email in the future.

No worries, Djarro, I just wanted to make sure folks didn’t get curious to try some things out and potentially get in trouble. :slight_smile:


Hey Djarro, I also tested out what you mentioned above (pre-edit). Obviously, I don’t want to bring it back up here, but I can say that it doesn’t work either. Even under those conditions, the queue auto cancels.

Just wanted you to know!


Thanks. Seemed to be getting a lot of attention on another site last week… maybe it was wrong info… maybe it got fixed?


Respect for that my friend. A lesser person would have never come back and said that.



My tests were simply manual clicks that any legit player can do. It was that which I couldn’t manipulate or exploit. But, who knows what some people are up to when it comes to cheating.

Also, the nice thing about a lot of attention is that it catches Bliz’s eye as well!


True enough. The same places that everyone reads this information elsewhere Blizzard also has people reading the same information and passing it along. Great point.