We're porting Retail add-ons to Beta, Come Get 'Em


I will be updating this post as I (and others) continue to bring add-ons to the Classic Beta. Please feel free to make requests in this thread. I’ll try to do my best to address the most immediate needs. Add-on authors, post a reply in this thread with a link to where folks can get a version of your add-on that works with Classic and I will put that link here in the OP! (And if you lack beta access and don’t mind a little pair programming via Skype or Discord screen sharing, I will work with you to get your community-requested add-on running in the Beta.)

Addons for WoW Classic (catalog and distribution by WoWInterface.com)

Alamo Reeburth

Bartender 4


Deadly Boss Mods


Questie: the vanilla quest helper



I briefly published the modified work of some add-on authors (who did reserve rights under licenses) without their permission. Access to those modifications has been removed. This was due to simple ignorance of how licensing in this realm works and an honest intent just to help players beta testing Classic. I offer my most sincere apologies to those authors.

Regarding addons on classic
Only change I ask for
Auctioneer for 1.13?

Any information on the addon API restrictions for Classic?


It’d be nice to get a RP profile add on like MRP or TRP 3 for classic. Hopefully there’ll be a community for it.


I thought recount was already available during vanilla?

Anyway, Z-Perl (called X-Perl back in Vanilla) :V


I haven’t run into much of that yet. I can tell you the one gem of information unearth so far is the TOC Interface version for the Classic Beta is this (for other devs that might care): 11302.

(Dirtytape) #6

Elvui would be amazing :slight_smile:

Edit: woohoo questie!

(Thundertotem) #7

I think the ElvUi team is planning a Classic version already.


A what like what?


Recount was available back then, but keep in mind that Classic is running on the modern infrastructure, which has an impact on the client side, too. One impact is that the LUA version is much more evolved. If you try to put a 1.12 add-on in the Classic Beta, you will have bad syntax explosions all over the place.

(Curt) #10

Is there a studio for building those? Like VSCode or something? Or is it all just some form of xml?


Those Tukui/ElvUI folks are pretty cagey with their stuff. They don’t put it on Curse, for example. Not sure I want to potentially step on their feet. Besides, ElvUI is a behemoth and I would anticipate having a lot of issues trying to port it. :wink:


Z-Perl then please! n.n/


There’s no Blizzard-anointed IDE for add-on development that I know of. I’m using VS Code with an extension for WoW add-on development, available here:


(Curt) #14

Thanks this is cool. By any chance do you know of a good tutorial on this? Would be fun to make some addons just for fun.


Can you make OQueue work? We need an add on for LFG in classic. :grin:


The Legion version has been ported back all the way to 2.4.3, I don’t think they mind. BUT, as you mentioned I wouldn’t want to step on their feet when they already have it in the works. :slight_smile:


This. Right here. No way. Not gonna happen.

Blizzard has already said multiple times that they have endeavored to prevent this kind of thing from working in Classic. I have no intention of circumventing that prevention. If anything, I might do my damnedest to recreate OQueue just so that if I am successful I can warn them that they have more safeguards to add.

Don’t destroy my Classic, bruh. #nochanges for life.


Anything LUA related is helpful. Mayron on YouTube has a few videos going over the basics. Older, but still applies.


I will at least look at it for ya. If it’s easy, I may just release it with profuse apologies to them in advance and redirect people to their version when it becomes available.

(Curt) #20

My favorite addon was the one that showed maps for instances. I don’t think they had instance maps for a while in classic (if ever).