Were Mechagnomes a test?

To gauge community reception of a race with non-traditional aesthetics? To see how badly we’d revolt when asked to give up transmog slot?

Do you think we passed this test?

Might be nice to see dragonspawn, naga, centaur, dryad and the like playable some day…


If it was a test to see how people would respond and Blizzard might predicate the release of possible new and less traditional races on that response, most of you failed miserably.

I can only hope that Blizzard ignores all the rabid hatred that ensued in the wake of mechagnomes, if the preceding scenario turns out to be true.

See several of the direct replies I received for examples of the types of people that will make sure we never get anything other than conventional races, and make sure to thank them. Truly, their willingness to embrace the new and different and to think outside of the box is inspiring, and it’s people like them who made sure we stopped banging rocks together to make fire and moved out of the caves…


It makes no sense to me to make the robot parts a permanent fixture when they could have been made into race-exclusive transmog and have the same outcome. Then you can be as humanoid or as robot as you like.


Well, mechagnomes existed in lore and actually existed in northrend in a quest of its own, so can’t say for sure but their thought process probably was “hey, we introduced mechangomes in northrend, we should add them as an allied race”.

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I never really thought about it that way. Being a test.

I don’t mind the missing mog slots, to be honest, so I’d welcome any of those races.

But ogres first. Please, Blizzard.


yes. mechagnomes were a test to see if 4 legged races work in wow. this makes sense.


Naga have four legs?

also no legged races* my b

(whoops, gotta keep mah character continuity)

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If mechagnomes were a test it was a test to see how much blizzard can insult the alliance before they quit playing


I had to return to OG gnome… The transmog on mechagnomes broke me :frowning:

Not being able to use transmogs over the prosthetics doesn’t make any sense. People with prosthetics have pants on like normal and wear shoes like normal over their prosthetic legs.


There have been multiple races that give up transmog slots since transmog was introduced.

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I’m pretty sure the Mechagnomes we’re literally a dumpster pile of High Res assets that Blizzard gave to the Alliance and called a “race”

That way they could ‘justify’ giving the Horde a new race.

They had to give the Alliance something. Even if that something is literally their leftovers.


I don’t think so.

They are rather unique but overall I’ve enjoyed them immensely. Their existence makes me feel empowered.

Having say a hearing implant or another part of your body replaced is because you’ve had a disability yet for these gnomes, they’re able to do so much more.


Mechagnomes weren’t really a new concept, they follow the same train of thought as most allied races, bare Vulperas and Kul’tirans who have more work put into them (rigging etc).

Rest of the allied races are reskins, including Mechagnomes.

I do think they should allow them to cover their mechanical parts in SL, just like they’re (finally) doing for the Forsaken though. But i’m not the target audience anyway, never liked Gnomes, wouldn’t role one either way.

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Just to clarify, Vulpera do not have a new rig, they use the Goblin model.

The only allied race that received a brand new animation rig was Kul Tiran, which had far more work put into them than any other allied race as a result.


From what i’ve seen and heard, that’s only partly true. Some of the basic animations are the same yeah but a lot of them are new (notably the Stealth animation, thank god). Guess they’re an in-between.


the mechagnomes of Northrend are far superior to what we received.


The rig has alternations. I looked at it before and some of the bones and animations are different.

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I hope not. I think players would’ve been over the moon for Dryads/Keepers of the Grove/Tol’vir/Naga.