We LiStEn oT cOmMuNiTy FeEdbAcK! - The elemental Nerf no-one asked for

So, The last few months we have heard it over and over again that Feedback is being listened to and that blizzard is changing well as the latest hotfix goes through i am officially calling that one out in it’s entirety by a change that is being forced on us that not a single soul asked for and yet blizzard is blatantly telling us we did

Let’s talk about the two changes that were originally planned.

  1. The Frost Mage nerf
    Frost Mages and the community went in an uproar and it was almost instantly reverted within twenty four hours, And it wasn’t a small nerf either it was something that was more or less going to dumpster the mages and i can understand it being revoked.

  2. The Elemental Nerf that NOT A SINGLE PERSON ASKED FOR, NO-ONE DID, Literally No-one I am ofcourse refering to this

Not a single person has done the following

Asked for this change
Asked for Elemental (A Solid A-tier Spec when we get our full tierset for M+ and Raid) To be nerfed, We are not that highly problematic in PVP from what i understand, And no-one hates on Elemental shams in M+/Raids because while yes we have some cool toys we also tend to carry a janky rotation and a lot of responsibility in a group given we have the shortest interrupt and it is ranged, We have low mobility, We can Decurse, Purge, Aoe stun, Aoe Snare, Save the tank (Earth Elemental) We bring a lot of utility and the counter to that is that we have tended to be lower on the damage as a result.

Not a single soul has asked for or stated that they don’t enjoy rapid cast lightning bolt/CHL because it hurts their finger or it does too much damage.

Not a single Soul has said this was inaccessible as a spec.

We gave feedback saying Pyroclastic shock was useless

We gave feedback saying Static Discharge was useless

We gave feedback saying that Ascendance was useless (And it has been for 3 years)

We gave feedback saying that while our tier set was a little clunky it was still awesome and that 9.2 and Elemental was great and we loved it.

Blizzards result? Send us straight to F Tier without a single response, As of the time of this posting that thread has 400 responses and they are all condeming this change, It has 3 likes so taking into account a margin of error or 1% That thread is 100% and thus the community is 100% against such a kneejerk change that came out of literally nowhere, This isn’t some small nerf this is GARGANTUAN

“We listen to community feedback” - blizzard Entertainment.

Tl:DR Even with the ‘machine gun’ Spec elemental still doesn’t have as high an APM as Fury, Rogues, Fire mage (Or even AFF with it’s Mass Tab targeting for dots in M+), So arguing it’s for accessibility is the biggest ‘screw you’ I’ve seen in a long time and i’ve played a shaman since wrath so there is 15 years of being told to go screw myself that they manged to beat which is honestly impressive.


Sorry, but devs have no idea what to do about elemental. I understand the change, but no buffs, no talent changes… Yet already okay classes are now out preforming leaving others in the dust. Blizzard doesnt care. Community council def. doesnt care. Just give up and change class. its what blizz/council wants.


let ele die in peace


I think it is quite narrow sighted of you to dismiss accessibility concerns.

Machinegun Shaman sounded fun. But I have to admit, I’ve quit classes due to being physically uncomfortable before and a 0.6 sec filler spell does sound, although quirky, horribly uncomfortable.

How about we see raid comps and let M+ meta develop a little more before we scream about performance.



I can’t imagine asking for something like that on a gaming forum, knowing it’s filled with ableists. It’ll probably affect your mental health.


Yet i understand that. Completly nerf it to the ground would have been fine if they gave a passive dmg buff to fire ele, or change a talent row, or up the % dmg of something… But absolutly nothing has happened nor communication to where they want ele.

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I don’t even know what they do, This is fundamentally the equivilent of taking whirlwind from Fury warriors because it’s too many buttons to press.


I love how the community is adamant that Elemental is either god-tier or trash. And they will scream at you that you’re wrong with the certainty of infallibility.

I personally think Elemental is bad. But there are people out there who think you can solo with Elemental the Gladitor.

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They make this announcement, repeatedly, just as they have in the past. I’m sure they do listen. Act on it? LOL.

The funny ones are the ones where they announce some change and say they are responding to player demand. Like when they announced removal of a great many portals and consolidating others into the newly-created portal room. Players knew exactly what was coming, because it was on the PTR. And yet we were told that “You asked for this and we’re giving you what you asked for! We listen!” Didn’t go over well.


This isn’t a small nerf that you can compensate with, This is HUGE it’s the biggest kneejerk reaction to things i’ve seen in the last 2 years and i live in australia with scott Morrison as a prime minister


They have their plan and they are going to stick with it. Their metrics have nothing to do with player interests. Perhaps they have a randomizer that tells them which specs to nerf, and randomly chooses abilities and spells to nerf, and by how much.

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Most people don’t even have their 2 set. This change is to address the craziness of the the 4set bonus.

I agree they should compensate elsewhere. But it’s way too early to be getting angry over it.

These changes have only just gone live. Would you rather they blindly make changes in anticipation, or would you rather correct changes in response?

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I’m not saying you’re wrong. I just love the wildly different world view you can encounter here. Again, with 100% certainty that they have the gospel truth.


The answer to accessability issues that NO-ONE HAS BROUGHT UP EVER is to nerf our primary cooldown by 50% and then remove the big roll over bonus we had already started using? yeah you aren’t going to be winning nobel prizes here mate.


I dunno, man.

That sounds like some people have had a problem with it. “Significant accessibility concern” means it has proven difficult for some people with disabilities. That should absolutely be taken seriously.


no one asked for such a crap set bonus either, we dont wanna be a pet class. just give us buffs to other spells…

oh yeah, arcane is still in the gutter. So im not too upset about our set bonuses. (from a pvp standpoint)

No-one has mentioned it in forums, No-one has mentioned it on reddit, No-one has mentioned it in discords that Elemental going into 0.6 second casts (Which is still limited by GCD of a minimum of 1 second) Has accessibility issues.

Rogues have a 1.0 second GCD and all of their abilities are instant cast, Should we bring rogues to a 1.5 second GCD and reduce energy regeneration so you can’t hit buttons as often because of accessibility? It is literally the same argument here.

Let’s take whirlwind out of fury’s rotation because it’s too many buttons and it might make things inaccessible, Literally the same argument.

They have gone and done us dirtier than they did arthas by disenchanting him into 35 Anima by throwing a nerf bat larger than Sargeras’ sword at us for no reason and lied straight to our faces.

  1. How big a nerf is it, actually?
  2. How does it compare to other dps?

A lot of people are mostly upset that they’re nerfing a baseline talent because a temporary 4 piece set makes it somewhat broken, as is the usual case with shamans and borrowed power.