Water Strider Discussion

Pretty much still all boils down to: “All classes but DK get water walking mounts, DKs get mounts that do other things.” And yeah, shaman have water walking but they have to dismount to cast it, unlike DKs that came along later and got a better version.



Imma roll a girl version of Rexxar!!!1! :smiley:

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I am still very confused by all of this but I am a slow Gnome today (not enough caffeine clearly) but thank you for answering some of our questions.


Boy you guys really are the absolute worst at making a fun game, aren’t you? It’s like you just see everyone talking about how bad this expansion is, and then you go do stupid crap like this to make it even less fun. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Hey here’s an idea. Why don’t you just remove all movement speed bonuses and make every mount just a cosmetic thing. So everyone has to walk at normal walking speed everywhere. I mean because when you puke out a half cooked product like this expansion, I guess you have to find stupid ways to make it seem like there’s more than there actually is. This company is so backwards. I’m glad you guys don’t make something that people depend on their lives for, because you’d be killing a lot of people with your stupid “innovation” in making stuff.


Woah, woah, wooooaahhh there! The riot has been called off, sparky. Good energy though. Save it for the next thing.

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Striders should keep their water walking just like now, but be unable to use other equipment. Otherwise all this is is mogging our strider with other mount graphics (unless your a DK, of course (and shaman if you don’t mind dismounting every time you want to cast water walking)).


Thank you ! That answers a lot of questions ! I just wish we had more choices in the equipment ! But may be we’ll have more once 8.2 is live !

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Cuz it’s pretty. Mount equipment is basically transmog for your transportation.

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oh how easily you sad people are persuaded.

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Do not get me wrong, I appreciate this, but do you guys not understand people have alts? :confused:

You want us to buy/craft 20+ of the equipment and attach it to the same mount on every single toon?

When we’ve just been using the same mount we had for YEARS before?

So we’re out thousands of gold because of a change you made? Your stream said you guys want the price to be 1000g. I have 20 toons. So I’m going to be out 20,000g because you guys wanted to change this, when it wasn’t broken?

Yes, I appreciate the fact I’ll be able to water walk on something other than a bug for once, but no, this isn’t okay. Unless you mail one of the equipment to every toon on the account that isn’t a trial/death knight that’s over like level 60, then this isn’t okay.


Man, I really don’t want to be that guy but… 20,000 gold isn’t a lot.

It is when you just blew 522,500g upgrading all your heirlooms to 120 and bankrupted your account. Especially when it was 2 months after you spent another 522,500g upgrading them to 110 like 2 weeks before they announced the price reduction on the PTR.


This means I can stop my leveling characters from getting dazed/dismounted from 20-60 now… fantastic :slight_smile:

Uh… buyer beware? Dunno why you thought “bankrupting” your account for heirlooms was a good idea.

All my chars above 100 already have water walking since I can use my mount on any of them… so I’m not sure what you think is so great . I want to be able to use my WS on all my characters while leveling. There is no point to take something away. It’s not that OP. They can add just fine.

Blizzard has gotten so bad with anything that is enjoyable… all they want is for you to spend more time in game, but all they do is make their subscribers have unpleasant experiences by constantly taking away things they love in this game. I know it’s not set in stone it’s just ridiculous to me.


Dunno why Blizzard thought changing how a mount worked after 7 years was a good idea.


You’re really gonna make me defend Blizzard, aren’t ya? Because it makes them money.

So… Sounds like this equipment is character specific…

Will I get a free water walk item for each character eligible… Or will I have to buy a dozen or so water shoes for my toons to replicate the function that had existed for several years now…


Gotta love how you take a general statement like: “you always had to play in order to earn certain perks and benefits” and think it completely nagates the specific examples I listed like new races or how flying was obtained.

I’ve played long enough to know I could once create a piece of gear with specific stats rather than make it so often that I scrap over 1000 pieces.

I’ve played long enough to know I could once look at a loot table, see which bosses were relevant to me, and the only real question was whether the piece I wanted landed or not

I’ve played long enough to remember when I would accumulate my points and go to the friendly vendor to get that piece of equipment I wanted, not a box that I have no control over nor have any idea what it would include.

So yeah, I’ve been playing this game long enough . . . too long probably


My low level characters already had water walking using the strider last time I looked. What is different is now I have to get another item before my water strider will work that way.

I really don’t like the way this is being handled just because some people can’t make choices that matter to them by themselves.