Water Strider Discussion

Is this equipment per mount, or do you have to choose one and it’s for all mounts?


Sounds like you never did play the game. After all, you always had to play in order to earn certain perks and benefits; those perks and benefits have just changed over time. So either you never did anything in WoW that required a time investment, or you did but are weirdly selective about what you spend your time on.


I don’t? I use it to cross Thousand Needles to Feralas to start a questline from a point in the Barrens that doesn’t have a flight path, to a point in Feralas that doesn’t have a flight path.

I also use it in Darkshore on lowbies.

Moot point now that they finally clarified.


So we can’t apply different equipments to different mounts, it’s one buff per character?


Lol, your optimism…

I remember when I was able to feel that way about the things Blizzard planned to do. I wish I could go back to that.


Blizzard just stated we get water walking at level 20 now. So it’s all good.

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That seems to be the plan right now.

So rather than having a mount, or a set of mounts, be prestigious for a particular skill, we’ll remove it and let ALL mounts be equally special.

God forbid this game mount actually have group of mount that serve a particular role.Why don’t we also let the sea horse mount fly and have every ground mount gain the ability to fly considering we already live in a world where birds forget how to fly.


Bumping do people can see this and stop over-reacting to this nonsense.

Anyone who thinks water walking is vital for the 1-20 experience is delusional.


Just leave the water strider able to function as it always has, while at the same time introduce these new abilities.

Voila, a good change without making it negative at the same time.

What is it with you people and this compulsion to take steps back whenever you take steps forward.

Or just taking steps back without taking any steps forward which you have also done a disappointing amount.


EDIT: OH GOD, it’s character specific? :confused: Nevermind.

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Aw man I just sharpened my pitchfork… back in the shed you go.


Do you play the game?

People were justifiably upset at the information they had received, especially considering devs have tried to restrict use of water walking mounts before.

Sub-20’s don’t have riding. Did you not know that?


It would appear as if my optimism was justified. :slight_smile:


Not every comment requires massive experience to produce a reaction:

‘Beast Mastery is now a mellee spec.’

I wonder how relaxed and calm you would be if you read that in the PTR.

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Been there, done that. I used to be survival.

Guess what? I changed specs and went about my business. lol

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Propegander at its worst. There is no logical reason for this change.


Hesitantly reaches for pitchfork…


Oh goody. Another gimmick to artificially make the world seem “bigger” that absolutely no one asked for. :roll_eyes:


You can’t mount up At All til 20. You run on your own two feetses, like we all did when we started WoW. The alts need this training.

Do you not know how to read or totally missed the Blue clarification post? You’re doing that fake-outrage over nothing.

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