Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Good enough, Now for constructive bloody feedback.

I do not think Warlocks should be able to literally “tame” demons. I read in another thread about the idea of reapplying the use of ingredients to summon a demon and then beat it to submission.

It would make it more warlock and keep it each class having their own flavor of pet collecting. Maybe some ingredients for rarer demons could come from bosses or rare mobs to make the achievement of getting said demon as a pet something to feel proud like camping rares is for us.

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I am in full support of more demon skins. Or entirely new demons, but with same stats / abilities as the originals.

I’d also like to say that, if they could get more cosmetics for their summons, maybe throw some toward DK’s ghouls too, for fun. ^^

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So is them breaking free and doing terrible terrible things.

We also don’t care too.

Only if you suck like wilfred. A netherlord should have no problem

Dks do deserve some more variety in bony companions.

We hunters are getting undead beasts but there is enough humanoids undeads shambling around to give DKs some needed customization

Also the new abomination models? DKs should totally be allowed to turn one of those cuties into a pet. they are so awesome


This was a mechanic earlier in wow’s life. Look I’m all for being able to kill all the lowbies with demons but blizz isn’t really fond of it. Also the warlock player is a netherlord nowadays. They really won’t break free.

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Well hunters are losing lust in Shadowlands I believe. Small comfort I know.

Such arrogance!

Problem is there are 38 demon families (or 41, depending on how you count imps and fiends) and 14 aberration families (or 9, if we exclude the Drustvar Aberrations).

That’s way too much work to create unique ingredients for each one, not to mention that each of the total 52 demon/aberration families have at least 3 to 5 (or more) recolors per.

Better to have a “go enslave, bring it back, and beat it up” system.

The list is:

Yeah sure.


We aren’t?

I like your idea. But I think this would probably be the only issue in its implementation. Need the use of a system from an older expansion like order halls would probably be a big no no for Blizzard. Thou they could just get away by making the summoning area in Ogrimmar/Stormwind be the same as where the warlock trainers are.


I mean it depends on what the Warlock Dev would want to do.

IMO it’s just putting a grimoire and an interactable object somewhere.

Doesn’t have to be Org/Stormwind.

Haven’t read every post so sorry if mentioned already. Demonology suffers from this too. Our stun is also our new “interrupt” which needs fel guard to use.

Woah woah woah, settle down there sir. I play hunters too. And more classes should absolutely get the green fire treatment. I will eventually complete the quest if I ever want to run destruction, green fire is the only way I’d do it.

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Sorry not lust it was the battle rez they lost. complete brain fart on my end.

Watching you scream and yell entitlement is hilarious. There are so many models of demons in this game at this point, that it doesn’t make sense warlocks can’t enslave and summon other demons. After legion the fel guard should be a fel lord per the power level of the classes. At the very least new glyphs appearances should happen. We have less demon options now than an expansion ago. I’m summoning the same damn demons I have been since burning crusade. Even after completely stomping the legion.

I’m half joking when I say this but Succubus should totally get a lust ability.:smirk: it would totally make them more useful.

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Who are the ones whining on the forum they want tendies, and who is having popcorn?



Probably not you since you’ve been sitting on this post for the last hour.

Being summoned from time to time = sitting on a post?