Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Obviously it’s something you care about that doesn’t seem to impact you in anyway. We should revert the druid appearances to bc and see how the druids “whine about entitlement.”

Feel free to go for it. Make sure to bring another tub of popcorn on your way back though.


Friends *taps sign *

Will do thanks for proving you have no constructive feed back on why this isn’t a reasonable idea. Besides all you warlocks and YoUr EnTiTlMeNt.

So what demon team would everyone pick?

I’d do:

  • Imp slot = Fel Imp still
  • Succubus slot = Mother Shahraz, maybe one of the Imp Mother models for the lulz
  • Felpuppy slot = Darkhound or Felstalker
  • Voidwalker slot = one of the Faceless models
  • Felguard slot = Commander Xethgar!
  • Demonic Tyrant = one of the unnamed Nathrezim models if we were allowed

Id honestly rather have the interrupt on my pet. Ignoring LoS is so much better than having to be in LoS.

The problem is warlocks are summoning a demon by name. While hunters are collecting pets.

There’s room for it in the lore:

Well… Demon should have a exotic version like BM.


  • Imp slot = Inquisitor
  • Succubus slot = Dreadlord - Sleep instead of charm
  • Felpuppy slot = Doomguard, it used to have a interrupt
  • Voidwalker slot = Infernal
  • Felguard slot = Fel Lord Zakkun
  • Demonic Tyrant = Pit lord just for fun xD

And for hunters, for the thematic i think survival should have access to exotic pets too :slight_smile:


Totally disagree. I run affliction, and I think affliction is in a better state in SL than it’s been in a long, long time. I think it’s just fine.

And I don’t need 100 demon minions. The ones we have are sufficient.

Do you use Green Fire? Did you do the Green Fire questline? Feel free to post on your lock.


People aren’t asking for buffs. Unless I missed something all we want is some cosmetic options for our demons.

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Oh. Uhhhhh I skimmed and jumped to conclusions. That’s embarrassing…


That’s ok it’s a big thread. But yeah I like my fel guard I just want the option to change sometimes.

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We are not talking about needs but wants and something being sufficient does that make it cosmetically pleasing. Besides warlocks are greedy by nature, we would never settle for something that is just sufficient. Having the option ability for all warlock specs to make contracts with upgraded demon models would be a fun and interesting to add a bit more class fantasy to warlocks.


Throwing my support for Warlocks to get demon customisation!! Long over due.

I dream of having a Dreadlord… DREAM!!


I would love for the Doomguard and Infernal to return to affliction and destro, while giving demo (the master summoner spec) a pitlord and dreadlord (or doomlord?). And yes, more variety for all the specs. Even if cosmetic.

Oh. And Call Felhunter baseline for the interrupt. Just move it from the pvp talent row to spellbook. Bam (off topic but necessary)

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That or a pitlord… please blizzard make this happen!!!

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I like being able to ignore LoS to interrupt though. :persevere:

Hahaha. Well I just don’t think tying an interrupt to a demon, at least today with M+ being a thing is a good thing. Especially for demo. Such a hit to use a felhunter over the FG… and the new change to axe toss isn’t really a true interrupt if it stuns before interrupting :sweat_smile: