Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

That’s one more spec than anyone else that got unique spell customization. But yeah poor you.

Where did I left that tiny violin? You guys seem to need it.

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Yeah and? WAHHHHAHHH you need more stuff now? Mages NEVER got anything like that in Vanilla nor any expansion.

So? Still were unique enough to get one when almost all other classes never got one.

You have multiple variations to your water elemental. Also you took our Verdant Spheres

You also have polymorph variations


Again, that questline was implemented by Xelnath, who got subsequently fired from Blizzard, and he admits in his blog he did it on his own time because he genuinely loved warlocks. Blizzard didn’t push for its implementation.

Most everything he did to make the class perfect has since been taken away and gutted.

Right, because we haven’t been gutted either.

Stares at Survival

Multiple? 2? Locks have multiple pets and all specs can use them. Only frost mage has 1 pet to use.

Keep reaching though. Must be nice to get things like green fire etc.

Sounds like you should cry for your own stuff if your so upset about it. Let others ask for what they want and you can ask for whatever you want.

Have you ever actually done the green fire quest? It’s so irritating considering destruction would be my offspec I stopped at the “eye of killrog tells you where to go” part after biffing it like 5 times. Because you can’t simultaneously use the eye and move, so you’d better have a photographic memory, or activate the eye every few steps, I guess.

Wow, I didn’t realize anyone played warlocks after we stole metamorphosis. Mwahahaha! Good to know!

Unbound Elemental
Glyph of Tides
Storms wake
Dark Depths
Steaming Fury
Cold Waves

Also demonology has the felguard. The other specs don’t

Okay list of people to ignore in this thread my dear fellow warlocks:

  • Bojanglz
  • Vorenth
  • Sentenza

Must be nice to actually have an interrupt on all of your specs.

No, I do not play warlock. Can’t see how that the quests is bloody annoying to finish has anything to do with the fact that it still gives you a customization which nobody else has.

I will repeat that I have no qualms with Warlocks getting some new Pets. just keep us Hunters out of your fight. We did not ask Blizzard to give us more pets instead of game play changes.

Go bite Blizzard instead of trying to bite our ankles.

I’m always for more customization options.

But if you wanted to play a class that’s about having a variety of pets you can acquire from the world around you…well…you should have rolled hunter in the first place. I’m not going to roll a combat rogue and then complain that I should be able to use two-handers because Fury is basically the same thing and they get to!

Correct, because those went extinct years ago.

…that’s not even close to what I’m asking

Combat, outlaw, same thing.

Oh you have.

Your statement however was about Green Fire and the history behind it.

It took most people at least 50 attempts, each attempt taking at least 30-45 minutes. It took me personally 93 attempts.

And the dev who did it was fired from Blizzard, and did it on his own dime and time. It was a lone dev doing lone development when at home for a class he loved.


Nah demonic enslavement is canon and part of our lore, just not implemented mechanically for the gameplay

I don’t remember old combat much, nor do I have much experience with outlaw, but from what I can tell the two are quite different.

Kinda weird how locks have been on a downward spiral ever since then :thinking: I totally wonder why.