Void elves can look like blood elves but not vise versa

If they tweaked the void look, heh tweaked, you might just have those mana-addicted crackhead elves. You know they run half of Silvermoon, you’d think a few of them would get out but then how would they get their fix?

Eh, necro, go figure.

What they need to do is either take the light infusion further and give them metallic skins and yellow versions of the void elf tendrils. Maybe take out the base textures and leave the particle FX so it looks more wispy than tentacle-y. That or implement the Demon Hunter skins and horns into base Blood Elves to get more of that Fel flavor. Probably both TBH, it’s not like it’s hard to just copypasta some existing resources.

Then they can add some more normal stuff to void elves and even crazier corrupted effects to balance them out. You should be able to make Basic Silver Covenant Recruit and also Restraint Zero Alucard.


Because the void is not from the silver covenant, and the void elves stands against what the high elves stance against consuming magics?

Also they had been transformed into something new.

Why did you necro this?

Huh? Light magic is the polar opposite of void bruh.

They are not from the silver covenent… they are from blood elves… and they use a magic source known to be all consuming…

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I didn’t ask for your feedback.

No one asked for you to necro.

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I know. I decided to do it on my own. For entertainment purposes.

You posted to attack.

For blood elves.

And mountain dwarves are not from the Wildhammer Clan either, but that didn’t exactly stop them from being tacked on, now did it?

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a blood elf could be corrupted by the void if they used void magic, so they should be able to

Oh, don’t mind him. He always post to attack. Meanwhile, no raids going huh? Guess Shadowlands must be bad, nobody wants to raid you.

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Yeah you know. I find things to do.

I wish I found things to…

/waits for Gw2 to download…

Nevermind, I’ll have something to do when Gw2 finishes downloading.

Is GW2 free?

It is, but is limited to what you can do…

Basically, here is a full detailed list of the restrictions with a free account.

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I don’t post to attack.

Alothough necroing thread is against the tos.

Light magic isn’t a major thing for them as a culture, it’s just another tool for them to an average blood elf.

In game your still a bronzebeard dwarf for one, for 2 your referecned as a dwarf not any of the 2 so it’s easier to get away with.

Funny, not once have you been constructive in any of your posts. Also at this point this is harassment.




Yeah, this hasn’t aged well, considering new hair colors are being developed in 9.1.5.


Greatbrae, my friend!

We will have them after all. We’re so happy! :hugs:


Yeah very nice way for Blizzard to say SCREW YOU to the Bloodelf players again.


Instead of trying to get mad at void elves having access to some of Blood Elf customisations, why can’t we just ask for blood elves to get more customisations as well?

  • Blood elves should have access to fel, sunwell, dark ranger features and generally more arcane/elven tattoos and jewelry.
  • Void elves should have access to high elven features, a vast array of void features (ranging from mutations to almost none at all) and just generally more elven/void tattoos and jewelry as well.

Stop getting mad that people on the alliance are happy with these new allied races/features, just be happy for them and ask what other races can get in turn (which i think many races need more customizations).