Voice chat feedback

So in the Q&A Ion asked for some honest feedback on why people aren’t using the integrated voice chat feature. I dont know how helpful this is going to be for the devs in charge of it, but basically here’s how I feel:

It doesn’t matter how well this feature works and it doesn’t matter how crystal clear the audio is, I will never, ever willingly join a voice chat service with a bunch of strangers. Between the toxicity, immaturity, lack of manners, etc. it’s just not ever going to happen. I actually wish you would just let me completely disable it so I’ll stop getting the alert that I’ve been disconnected from it every I time I go through a loading screen.

I can barely stand being in Discord with my regular raid team. I dont claim to speak for anyone else but I wouldn’t be surprised if many people feel the same way.

So what can you do about it? Absolutely nothing. Either accept that only a small number of people are ever going to use it, or scrap it and use the development resources elsewhere.


I agree. I mean, I use Discord for friends, but I’m not using it for strangers. Which means I’m not using a forced voice chat in game either.

It also needs to be an option I can turn on or off. That wowvoiceproxy.exe is freezing my system every time I group up and nothing I do seems to stop it. Can’t even block it in firewall.


I absolutely feel the same way about this, just let me turn it off entirely. I have zero intention of ever using it because I’m either in Discord with friends or listening to Spotify.


I suppose if I was pushing high level keys with pugs id consider using it to increase the success chance. That being said, in-game voice with strangers seems like it would be about as fun as poking myself in the eye with a thumb tack and probably about as beneficial.


I’m a voice chat follower at heart. I use what other people are using.

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Because when it was first introduced it was terrible and there were other better free alternatives. Now it’s too late, I don’t know if it works well or not, but Discord has beat the crap out of it, allowing free voice + messaging + message archives/channels. In-game voice chat is a solution for a non-existent problem at this time. If it had worked well when it was introduced, it may have caught on. It’s just too little too late. The ship has sailed.


Agreed. And now they’ve integrated it into everything with this new Bnet update, forcing it on us even more.

How DARE Blizzard make comnunication across Blizzard games convenient and easy!


Hi, I asked the question that inspired this post. The question was inquiring if there were any steps being taken to make M+ more pug friendly.

I think Ion missed my point, unfortunately. It’s not a communication problem, it’s an overtuning of M+ problem. I pugged probably 80% of my m+ runs in Legion. I looked forward to running every day. In BfA pugging is NOT fun and is a crap-shoot. This isn’t do to communication tools or lack there-of.

The problem stems from extremely over-engineered trash with too many punishing mechanics. Add in tyrannical and fort now at 2 and the experience is not friendly for casual players at all. Yes, ofcourse +10 is simple with your buddies all in discord and being able to coordinate… but a +10 with a pug is an entire different story… Add in infested where virtually one failed cc or cc break and boom, your pull is delayed/possibly wiped.

I’m all for a good challenge, and I think groups looking to push higher keys should be challenged, but the level of difficulty in M+ right now opposed to the other types of end game content is a joke.

Tyran/fort needs to go back to +10, and the season affix (infested) needs to be 5 level higher and have some sort of incentive. That would make 1-9 much easier for new people/casuals, +10 a challenge, and then +15 a bigger challenge for groups that want are up for it. Add in some sort of incentive and boom, there you go.


Way to actually read the posts. :roll_eyes:

When it breaks the game for some people and is forced on people who don’t want it running because they won’t use it, that has zero to do with “convenience” and everything to do with “have an option to toggle it off.”

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Because I refuse to connect to a voice chat where the possibility of a screaming child exists. No squeakers for me, also because I’m already on discord with my guild.


The most obvious is that it lacks the quality and features of even the most minimal external voice chat programs. It’s better than nothing in a crunch but frankly anybody willing to use voice chat will hop on Discord at this point.

You’re not forced in the Blizzard sense to use voice chat – Blizzard won’t be the one booting you from a current content raid because you refuse to listen to the instructions given in voice chat.

I’m not sure about recently but you used to be able to rename the file so that it couldn’t launch along with the game and this was allowable at the time because it could cause problems for some people.

My previous guild used the battle-net chat system, Easy to use, (but the config was a bit hard to find) but the quality was excellent.
Unfortunately, due to something said over VC during a raid, I decided to quit the guild and raiding. Not sure I’ll ever use it again.

Maybe simmer down on the defense there Lancelot.

Ion asked the question, I’m answering with my opinion. I’m not calling for the total removal of the feature, it’s probably great for the few people who use it and like it. It just ain’t for me.

What the OP said. I have a hard enough time with people on discord or whatever. I really don’t need to listen to random people in the game because I know exactly how that is going to end.

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I think I fall in the category of…

I use voice chat to chat with friends, not strangers. And since I am in a guild, I don’t pug a lot of content.

If, however, I was an chaotic scheduled player that pugged all the time, I can see it being more useful, but I probably would only listen and never talk… so the purpose would be different.

It will recreate the file upon launch was my understanding from others who tried to outright delete it. Renaming would essentially be the same thing as the proper file would not be there when starting the client.

I used to use the in-game voice chat about 10 years ago when questing with friends. I actually made a lot of new friends by grouping up with another person that was on the same quest. But voice was just for conversation purposes, rather than strategy.

I don’t want to use voice chat in a M+ because I don’t need some elitist twerp cursing at me because I accidentally pulled something.


Please let us turn it off; it keeps lagging my game.

I’ve tried using it a few times, but NOBODY ELSE EVER DOES.

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If you read my previous I agreed with you. You responded to my reply to someone complaining about bnet being forced on us.