[US][H][Turalyon] Dad Bod - Recruiting for 10.2 - Wed,Sun 10-12:30 EST

Hello we are Dad Bod. We are a 4+ year old guild primarily fitting into the AOTC space. We are a group of prior mythic raiders who have decided that we want a two day a week raiding schedule with m+ mixed in on the off days. Looking to boost back up to 22+ after classic WOTLK and real life took some of our long-term members. We are a relaxed group that enjoys joking around in voice during raid and performing at a decent skill level while we are clearing stuff.

Feel free to hit me up in discord - cadberry3

Current needs
Few DPS - Monk, DH, Aug are high need but can fit most dps classes in.

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I will be in contact today after work

sounds good

I applied :blush::blush::blush: