Returning for 10.2 LF AOTC/RAID/M+/PVP

Looking for a guild to call home, make some new friends and kick off 10.2 right!

Looking for a guild that is AOTC and needs a dps. I can heal as well but need to gear the healer. Took a break after getting KSM/AOTC and just wanna get back in to the grind again. I have a lot of time to play nowdays so looking for an active guild and hopefully can bring something to the table :slight_smile:

-Side Note- Posted character is my old main, rolling druid now days :slight_smile: Feral Main / Resto for when needed.

Good day Malthaêl

We are a Semi-hardcore minded guild (3/9M and AOTC ATSC and 3/8M and AOTC VoI) looking to get some additional people for 10.2 Mythic boss pushes and AOTC. We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:45PM to 10:15PM (Central Time).

If this interests you, please contact me in BNET Jacx#1410 or our recruitment officer Soseji#1101. You can also reach me on discord search Jacx#2337.

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See below for a few details. Much more to give if you want to talk in discord. Im interested in having a conversation if you want to message me. Discord name - cadberry3

deez was formed by a group of friends looking to push keys together after Mythic/CE raiding for a few tiers.

We decided to create a Heroic raid team with the goal of clearing Heroic in the first 2-3 weeks of a tier and using the raid to supplement gear while pushing 20-25+ keys.

If you no longer have the time or desire to push Mythic/CE, but still wish to participate in a Heroic raid with high parsing players and a competitive atmosphere, please consider deez. We are 9/9H and cleared in 1.5hrs our first night.

We raid two nights a week during progression. (1 in farm)

Tues: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST

Wed: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST

This is for your main character for at least the first 6 weeks of a tier. High attendance is encouraged.

This will then be expanded to include alts if you have a passion for other classes or are simply looking to reroll for keys, however you must be able to play and maintain your alt at the same caliber as your main.

Current needs:

  • DH - DPS/Tank
  • Mage
  • Spriest
  • Warrior - DPS/Tank
  • Evoker - DPS
  • Paladin - DPS
  • Shaman - DPS (pref Enhance)

For any questions or more information, please reach out!

Bryce#12642 - Btag

brob1 - Discord

Hey! My guild is recruiting a DPS druid for our AOTC+ roster for 10.2. Raid days/times are Mon & Wed 7-10PST.

Feel free to reach out in disc if you’d like to chat :slight_smile: bresei#4676