[ H ] healer looking for guild

returning player currently playing fistweaver, i use to tank but trying something new out.
trying to find a guild that plays together more than just when its time to raid.

Hey, my guild is looking for more consistent healers. We like to do heroic raiding and mythic+, and besides that group up at times for achiev runs or events, etc. Myself, I’m excited for hallows eve. We have gotten AoTC on Vault and Aberrus and aim to get it on Amirdrassil as well. We have a heroic aberrus run planned for oct 24th if you’d like to join. All pretty stoked for the new season. Lmk if you want more info, my discord name is Veryfiery

Really interested in the monk. See below for a few details. Much more to give if you want to talk in discord. Im interested in having a conversation if you want to message me. Discord name - cadberry3

I would love the chance to talk with you. I dont like to post my spam here. My discord is Bigkef#8664 We are an aotc guild. Looking fowarding to hearing back