Small group looking for Guild

Thank you! Sounds like a great place, but I don’t believe it’s doable based on the realms.

We are able to group up cross servers. Are you folks on US/NA servers? Our community utilizies discord for all of our events and grouping up.


i am a returning player and plan to start my guild up again, it use to be very well established years ago. it has alot of the unlocks already, and id love to start up a community and share it with people. i will setting up discord and everything else aswell if you are interested in helping me restore a guild to former glory. i currently am on zangarmarsh, but im by myself at the moment so i can probably transfer to any realm if another realm is more active, altho i would prefer not to.

So sorry, read that quickly this morning. Yep! A community should work just fine. I will send you a message later on Discord if that works!

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That works just fine! kiuayoukai is my discord name. Looking forward to chatting and meeting you folks!

Hey you guys hope your all doing well. Im not sure if you have found a guild yet, but if you havent I would love to talk to you reguarding Trinity on Icecrown. Not sure which severs are linked to us but we can look into that. We are an AOTC guild will we push into mythic, if we do… its casual. Will not push hard. I think its Tues Thur 9-1est. We would love more raiders. Outside the raid its the most fun I have had in a guild since legion. Discord is always active in the evenings. We do weekly movie nights on Fri or sat. We have a kid movie sometimes for our families. Would love to chat more. Bigkef#8664 on discord Ops#11419 on bnet. If i dont get back to you soon… i work the weekends so ill do my best

We’re on the server Zul’jin

Hello Chokoshi ,

Epic Chaos is a Horde guild on Zul’jin we are AOTC and are looking to close out our core group for 10.2. Raid times are Fri/Sat 9pm-midnight est

We are a community driven guild where everyone is welcome and is treated like friends and family. We offer Mythic+ anywhere from 5 to 28 keys atm. We do Xmog runs and Mount runs weekly(GM is a completionist she is on a mount farm usually has over 360 mounts) so those get run all the time . TW raids whenever available. We offer a highly active discord as well. Where streaming is welcomed. We do giveaways with contest in guild for random items.

We are looking for chill, like minded individuals who want a home for more than just a raid tier. We are looking to make friendships that are long lasting and enjoyable for everyone.

If you are interested and/or would like to ask more questions message us on

Bnet: Drag0nss#11100
Bnet: Nymue#11411

Discord: DRAGONS#9572

Zul’jin: Dragonss

And as always - Embrace the Chaos be Epic!

Our Guild [Bold-Stormrage] may be a good fit for you.
We are looking for all types of gamers. We accommodate raiders, key runners and casual/socials.
Our guild is home to two raid teams and a coordinated Mythic+ community, but we also have an active discord where we talk about anything and everything for anyone who just wants a nice place to hang out.
Add me so we can chat!
Discord: victoriakins
Btag: VictoriaKins#1971

Currently looking for 5 more members to fill our 30 man roster. Mostly an adult team, we do mythic content as well when we are ready.
Let me know if we could work for ya.

See below for a few details. Much more to give if you want to talk in discord. Im interested in having a conversation if you want to message me. Discord name - cadberry3

Guild: Välhällä

Server: Blackrock-NA

Faction: Cross-Faction (Primary Horde)


Välhällä is looking for new battle hungry warriors of Azeroth. The gates of Välhällä are open to all warriors of both factions. We are a laid back group of mature adults. Our current objective as a guild is building our foundation of core and active players. We communicate daily via Discord, while in and out of game.

If you’re a casual or experience player we got room for you.

Currently taking all roles, specs, and classes. We have a great community of support. Always available to give guidance, advice, and help where ever we can. We are mostly EST. While most of our members are casual we are looking for more people wishing to invest into the following content:

Mythic + (need more healers, no experience needed, just a willingness to learn and develop)

Raiding (currently hosting morning/weekend or early evening/weekend) Raid team being built, currently still need 2 healers, 1 melee dps, and 1 ranges dps)

Rated PVP, (Currently have a small team established that competes nearly everyday and host RBG’s on Friday.). Seeking: Rogue, Tank, Heals

Casual players looking for company (Leveling, TMog and Mount farming)

Connected servers to Blackrock:


Khaz Modan



Bnet ID: Mohrigan#1944

Discord ID: Rabane

Bnet ID.: ADManzo# 1645

Discord ID: Adam(Dad)#2137

Bnet ID : Arrow#1893

Discord ID: Scorch#8355

Hey There!

Our guild is currently recruiting and while we are a raiding guild we are also an old guild with a good group on long standing friends. I have linked our current recruiting post below with a good description of our guild and what we are about. Our contact info is included:

Hi Chokoshi,

My guild might be what you and your friends are looking for

Join us as Clan Seppuku turned 17 this year on Dalaran. We are a World 2st™ AotC inclusive social horde cross faction guild.

We are recruiting social members, peeps who are interested in doing AotC, M+, and having fun along the way.

Social activities include, raffles, lotteries, TONK WARS, Hide n seek, Drunk darts, Scavenger Hunts, and more

Every Monday we do Mythics, raid toons that have not completed 1 for the week are at the top of the list. Those people become helpers for those who still need at least 1 for the week. Keys are also done sporadically during the week as we have the right group comps

3 Raid teams

Team 1 - Negative Douchebags
Tues 8pm-10pm + Sun 8pm-10pm EST
Looking for Augment Evokers, healers, and 1 dps

Team 2 Pet’s Pets
Wed+Thurs 10pm-12am EST
Looking for Augment Evokers and dps

Team 3 - The Revengers
Fri+Sat 9pm-11pm EST
Looking for Augment Evokers, heals, multiple dps, Windwalkers, and Warlocks in particular

1- Be Awesome
2- Have Fun
3- Be open to criticism

Be ready for THE BIG QUESTIONS upon accepting guild membership

Btag - Wraist#1129
Discord - Wraist#5218

Quickest response will be through discord as this can be checked almost anywhere almost anytime.

Lok 'tar

I would love to talk to you guys but there is no way to contact you. DIscord is Bigkef#8664 please get in contact with me. I have a AOTC guild that would love to take you on. We play other games and a discord thats always doing something. Movie nights or other games

Hi, I’m in a similar boat. Coming back after a long hiatus after shadowlands. Looking for a chill casual community to group for random things (collecting, dungeons, whatever) - mostly after work hours. I sent you a friend request.


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I would love to chat with you if given the chacne. Discord is Bigkef#8664

Hey There!!

[Degenerates Only] on Stormrage - is Recruiting for Season 3! We took a break late Season 2 and now I am having to rebuild the place, as is the norm :slight_smile:

We are a Semi-Casual guild with AOTC Focus, and a great love for m+ of all shapes and sizes. We will be venturing into Mythic Raiding when the guild is ready. Our main focus is WoW > Life, we have minimal requirements to participate. Our ideals are that this game is fairly easy, it generally takes practice - practice comes with an inclusive and joyful guild. We have several strong veteran players who love to give a hand, and we enjoy fostering those who wish to exceed in their WoW content experience.

Happy to host you guys for some time, and then give a hand with any server xfers as needed.

Here is my Recruitment link with more details - feel free to discord me, and I’d love to chat. Your Gang is welcome here!
[Degenerates Only] - Rebuilding for Season 3 - Semi Casual AOTC+ - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (

Awesome! Looking forward to chatting with you!

Heya - we may be what you’re looking for. If you’re still looking an interested, please reach out to me! Happy to chat more! :slight_smile: