Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom


You seem like the type that enjoys timegating? Am I wrong?


Not particularly. Not that much of a killjoy either though since I have plenty of stuff to do. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be playing longingly gazes at RE2 Remake

(Huntillia) #90

Oh no. I’m a pacifist. No killing for me.


Tortotllen WQs. I really like the matching minigame.

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You’ll want to upgrade them anyways, much like weapons, because next expansion and beyond you’re not going to give two hoots about Azerite gear. Just like now how we don’t give a hoot about artifact weapons.

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I remember back in my day, when we didn’t have Blood Elf Paladins…

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There’s middle ground between enjoying something and throwing a hissy fit on the forums about it.


Blizzard seems to be trying to drain our gold despite BfA already providing much less gold to us than the previous expansion. Everything got significantly more expensive despite less income.

Everything sucks for people who didn’t spam alts on gold missions during WoD and Legion, tbh. Obviously anyone can attempt to play the auction house, but it takes a certain kind of person to truly dive into that and actually enjoy it.

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I won’t be buying them this time. Blizz is acting like everyone is a mythic guild that sells runs.

(Nate) #98

Even in an online game you can’t get around catering for the wealthy…
So only those with exorbitant amounts of gold or willing to fork over cash should have access?

Luckily I can afford it via printing money across tons of alts in WOD & Legion, but this just seems unfair.

(Duvainil) #99

I will agree its not worth it.

At least until they kill off ilevel scaling.

I could see, and did, the 100-110 upgrade for legion. Nice gear, stayed ahead of the power curve just a bit to make legion (I was late legion start, artefact gear was killed off already) an easier run. So you go something besides the XP boost.

Unless these looms are getting boosts to be equal to 340 gear minimal (some classes its more like 360+) ilevel scaling is going to do the same thing to this gear. If not harder. Current 110-120 ilevel assumes you find gear. If RNG hates you…you don’t beyond some pieces as quest rewards.

Full loom set, ilevel boosts per level…this is asking ilevel monster to come by just tear apart that player faster. This may be seen in DH start scenario. With stat squishing and such the DH start area can be rough since never adjusted for several game changes.

Many reports of you do not want to whip out the looms here. It makes it even worse…Unless they uber boost the new looms (and risk p2w whines) bfa might suffer the same fate maybe.

Suffer the 10 levels seems prudent really. My next run through would be a plate class. DK or paladin. I won’t mind that 10 levels…tanks fair better under this ilevel crap as I have seen with VDH. Yeah you may grind a bit but you don’t die in accidental 4 on 1’s though lol.


Thank you; very helpful!
Flips hair

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Good for you belfs are the true paladins thank you


340?? that’s (current) heroic dungeon level! Honestly I don’t understand Heirlooms and why people feel so dead set on having them. Unless im leveling a new toon 1-120 (which since I capped my pally in Legion, the last class I needed, I don’t see happening in the near future) but for just the 10 lvls from say, Legion to BFA, its less than a two day grind (how long it took to cap my monk) sure it woulda been just a touch faster, but with Islands, Dungeons, and the invasions, we already have quite a few different ways to level quickly. Even just questing goes extraordinarily quickly compared to some xpacs in the past

(Duvainil) #103

340 is also when ilevel clams down. Why it came to mind, its when I start to truly enjoy the game.

but like you the 110 to 120 I am not seeing. yes the leveling there can suck. But it sucks for reasons this gear won’t fix. Its that ilevel scale. If looms make this go away expect p2w rants. Rants blizzard probably doesn’t want lol.

In retrospect I’d not have done the 100-110. But I like legion. An extra day or 2 not that bad there imo. Hell I am there more than BFA on the 120’s so there voluntarily often now anyway lol. Do my cache runs, call that done and stone to dalaran.


Lmao I spend a decent amount of time in New Dal on this toon too, but only because there is a way to get into horde side w/o getting ported out as a DH and its amusing to see peoples reactions, gotten a few new btag friends that way :smiley:

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Where I agree with your point that they do make an extra 5. The reality is the economy went to the dogs soon as they started the token system. The people like myself who have committed the 15/mo for years ended up getting the shaft, not the token players.

Token buyers are the ones who ruined pricing in this game in general. Inflation occurred when those were pushing to pay for their accounts with them on the back of others. I would love to see that stats, how many who pay with real money vs wow token actually spend the 20 on them. I know myself at the beginning of BfA I was forced to buy a few just for the ridiculous costs of everything.

(Sevaira) #106

Yeah this is a bit rediculous for pricing. I mean I can afford it, not a huge deal to me I have millions but I know plenty of people who do not have that kind of money laying around. And no you shouldn’t have to spend more IRL money to reasonably buy the stuff in a subscription MMO. It is not like we are bringing in gold like we did in legion.


As the prices have been adjusted, I’m closing this thread to ensure pricing discussions are on the proper amounts.

PTR Heirloom Upgrades cost 15000g and 22500g