Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom


Upgrades cost so much??? Like I understand blizzard wants to get rid of all of our gold so we are forced to buy tokens. But isnt this a bit much???

Battle-hardened Heiloom armor casing will cost 15k each There are 8 armor slots in game. Thsi comes out to 120k gold to upgrade 1! thats right ONE toons heirlooms to max.

Battles Hardened Heirloom Scabbard
will cost 22.5k each if you use a 1 hand and a shield you will pay 45k for those to be upgraded

in total you will now be paying 145k for a full set of armor to upgrade your heirlooms to 120. This is more than a price of a token

Its not even jokingly in line with past price increases, much less a massive ilvl increase from the old gear. Can we stop seeing trash like this to rob us of our gold?

It now will cost people more than the price of a wow token to upgrade all their armor slots?? We are to believe that this is ok?

We have seen this practice of ripping players gold away all expansion so far. From 5m gold mount, 333k mounts, half mil pets, repairs cositng 500-800g, transmog costing 500-1000g, 2k/5k bonus roll costs, and now herilooms costing 15/22k per item. Please guys do not buy tokens. This practice will only continue and ever forward if we keep falling prey to these sneaky practices.

Edit: Look slike the prices have now been adjusted. It would appear that the community outcry was enough for a major change
The new prices are as such 5k per armor token and 7.5k per token for weapons

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Can you just tell us the price? I’m not going to fix that atrocious link to look at it when you could just tell us…


I’m pretty sure it’s 75 tokens per.

Erm, aren’t the new heirlooms bought with the Warfront tokens?


Im talking about the upgrade items to get your 110 heirlooms to 120. The new items yes are bought with warfront tokens but you wont be able to buy the upgrade tokens with warfront tokens.

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not the actual heirloom items. The new upgrade tokens being added in 8.1.5.

Currently you can upgrade heirlooms to go up to level 110 but with the new update you will be able to upgrade them to 120.


Ah, ok. They are super expensive lol.


Its absurd and they arent even trying to hide the fact that they want our new players feeling like they are forced to buy a token just to be able to afford such an exorbitant price to cut down on their leveling process. its is 3x more expensive to upgrade than it was in legion now??? We make so much less gold its disgusting.

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Wow that’s… Exorbitant. I barely have that amount on all my characters combined o.o


Yet they wont stop or likely change it.

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The only silver lining is that the upgrade will also probably be available from time walking vendors like all the other heirloom upgrades but prolly for the same amount as the mounts :confused:


I have to ask, why would you bother to upgrade any items besides the 10% experience pieces? You are quickly going to replace them all at 120 with epic gear from invasions, war fronts etc… and with 4 10% pieces you will get to 120 quickly which really is the main goal of the heirloom armor anyway…

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Those prices are insane to upgrade heirlooms 120. Why such a drastic cost this time around.

To be fair though you probably wouldn’t even upgrade some of those 10% pieces because that would remove your azerite gear which is gonna be stronger in the first place (making leveling quicker then without). Only pieces I see worthwhile are cloak/legs/ring slots and maybe weapons.


Cause we made too much gold in wod and legion. So they arent selling enough tokens

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Stopped taking anything you say seriously here.

passes a tinfoil hat

This will keep your brain from leaking out. Wear it at all times.


I goofed in W.O.D and never bothered farming my riches, I want a do over.


Okay! If you think a company isnt trying to make money idk what to tell you, enjoy being milked?


Why does that comment seem so odd to you? Blizzard sells tokens & obviously if there wasn’t a huge desire amongst players to have gold, naturally the incentive to buy the tokens would go down.

BFA has been a giant gold sink & the the amount of income players initially (yes it has been buffed somewhat) got naturally was extremely low in comparison to legion.

One of the biggest things game companies do these days is offer pay for convenience items. You can’t tell me that it’s far-fetched to assume correlation between:

  • Nerfing player gold generation in BFA

  • Increasing player gold expenditures in BFA

  • Increasing the already high heirloom gold sink, with new more expensive items

It certainly makes the token a lot more appealing, don’t you think?

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Blizz wants to take gold out of the economy so the wealthy people start paying sub fees again.

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This is counter productive. For every token used to play WoW, Blizz makes an extra 5 bucks. If I go back to paying my sub with cash, I pay 15 bucks. If I buy tokens, Blizz is getting 20 bucks instead of my 15. They want tokens to be used.

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Thing is they will have to make the primary stats on the head/chest/shoulder heirlooms at least comparable to the azerite peices or the xp bonus will not make up for the loss in stats and azerite powers.