Battle-Hardened Heirloom Upgrades: Too expensive?

(Dìònysus) #15

blizzard’s greeds starting to show


I agree. When a token is only 115k, that means if you wanted to buy tokens to upgrade them it would cost close to $100.


I agree heirlooms were already expensive. I really dont know how so many ppl make so much gold other than buying tokens. For me 15k to upgrade is stupid. I think its already weird enough that you can upgrade them before this expansion is over. Its irritating when players who do have a lot of gold from whatever they do and they think everyone else does. Its just assumed that everyone has like a million gold. I made like 150k in the beginning casually mining but thats it. Making gold isnt the only thing I want to do in game and buying boosts isnt my thing.

(Shadina) #18

The prices are insanity. I agree.

(Varrow) #19

These prices are absurd. Nothing else to say.

(Kaivax) #20

In the most-recent new build on the PTR (that was deployed yesterday), the prices of the upgrade tokens were adjusted. They should now be:

| 90 | 500g | 750g |
|100| 1000g| 1500g |
|110| 2000g| 3000g |
|120| 5000g| 7500g |

PTR Heirloom Upgrades cost 15000g and 22500g
Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom
Heirlooms gonna look funny

Keep going lower…


So 8.1.5 give us level 120 heirloom?


a fair price

(Bashcutter) #25

In the most-recent new build on the PTR (that was deployed yesterday), the prices of the upgrade tokens were adjusted. They should now be:
| 90 | 500g | 750g |
|100| 1000g| 1500g |
|110| 2000g| 3000g |
|120| 5000g| 7500g |

Thank you so much for this price reduction

(Maizou) #26

Literally like 2 months after I paid 5000/7500g to upgrade all my heirlooms to 110?

twitch twitch

You really should give a price reduction to the 120 heirlooms for people who have the heirlooms at 110 when the patch hits to compensate for the price reduction on the 110 heirlooms.

Something like 3500g/5000g or something. (That’s still not an equal reduction, but still fair. An EQUAL reduction would be 2000g and 3000g, but that’s too much, 3500g and 5000g is fair.)

Have it only apply to the amount of heirlooms you have at 110 though. Like, if you have 77 heirloom armors at 110, you can buy 77 120 armor tokens at 3500g before they go back up to 5000g. Same with weapons.

Otherwise you’re punishing people for upgrading their heirlooms early. :confused:

(Siégfriéd) #27

Yeah now what are you going to do for those of us who bought the upgrades before for full price? Now we are simply screwed just for buying them when they were available. My bet is you won’t do anything for those of use who are now SOL on paying more for the same effect.


Nice, but still expensive. And why we have those 90, 100, 110 tiers? Why we even have that heirloom upgrade system at all? Just make them scale to expansion max level by default. We already paid enough of gold for buying heirlooms in a first place… No need those extra upgrade costs. Especially after you nerfed heirloom stats so hard in 7.3.5…

(Dominiquê) #29

Even with this change it will take those with full Heirlooms almost if not more than half a million Gold to upgrade them to 120.

If my Math is correct it will cost roughly 285,000g for Armor and 150,000g for Weapons. And that isn’t counting things like the Brawler’s weapons and special one-time Trinkets from Bosses.

That is beyond ridiculous considering you have had to pay a TON more before that to get them up to 110. Altogether if you have a full set of Heirlooms for every Armor type you will have paid, after upgrading to 120, over 1,000,000g for Heirloom upgrades. That isn’t even counting the Heirloom costs themselves.

(Svenska) #30

I paid nothing for most of mine. JP, seals, shards. Stuff I was gathering doing my normal gameplay.

I have just about every heirloom in game and I only paid gold for a handful of them.


5000g and 7500g is way too expensive too. You heavily reduced gold gain this expansion, so you can’t keep designing garbage systems with exponential gain in mind.


Just mash 90-120 heirlooms together pls


The heirloom upgrades still show their original pricing for me. Is it because there was another update to the PTR? Or is it because I failed to properly reset my in-game cache? If its not, then this blue post is a lie. They still cost 15k/22.5k.


man bliz just keeps pushing the maximum edge for how much time we will give for a reward

and they reduced the power of heirlooms as you level in them

these guys are killin me

(Raicolette) #35

Why are there so many tiers between 90 - 120? Just make a one time purchase, like darn.