Trying to transfer, Internal mail database error

Trying to transfer my rogue off of benediction but I cant because there is a piece of mail that has froststeel boxes that I cant retrieve or delete. Can someone help.

Please post in the mail purge thread keep in mind it wont happen till sometime tommorow morning.

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Were they something sent before the WotLK launch? I’ve seen other errors similarly, due to the fact that those items weren’t supposed to be available as yet and they were supposed to have been removed. Because they hadn’t been they were borking folks out.

Now, if that ISN’T the case, then Darth is correct. You just need to post in the master thread and they’ll get you taken care of in the morning when the staff gets back in.

OK, ya they were before the opurge of the boxes now they seem to be stuck in limbo in the mail system I made a post in the delete mail thread. THanks for the answer