Still cannot retrieve enchanting items from mailbox

Opened ticket USB86147477 because there are enchanting materials in my mailbox that I cannot retrieve. There is an Internal Mail Database Error every time I try to remove them. It has been this way for over a week.
My ticket was instantly closed with no input from a GM, just an automated message to post about it on the forums. I did that and it was ignored as well.

I would try disabling your addons first, and if that doesn’t work I’d do a UI reset.

If the UI reset doesn’t fix it then you can restore your addons by re-naming the old folders back.

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How so? I’d love to hear how resetting your UI to rule out a misbehaving addon or corrupt UI would “mess your game up”.


Just by the by, alt hoping isn’t useful as Blizzard is able to see every toon on a given account and connected battle net account.


Oh boy thank god I was pushed onto the rat’s nest of crazy that are the blizzard forums.

Looking for a GM to actually answer my ticket here. It feels like there is a committee specifically designed to figure out how to add one more layer of nonsense to the customer support process. Like some kind of experiment to see what we’ll tolerate.

I can repeatedly create a blizzard side error message after over a week of updates and restarts, hell this issue pre-dates launch day. It’s pretty cut and dry.

There are no GMs who answer tickets here. It’s more moderated, but not monitored by GM staff. Did you also post a bug report?

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Is that how you get tickets resolved these days?

I opened a ticket because I could not get an item. It was auto-closed. I am just trying to figure out how to get a basic level of customer support for what is clearly a bug.

I’ll post it there I guess?

If you have not done a UI reset then it is not clearly a bug. Most all mail issues like this are UI problems. It being a server issue is more rare and doesn’t generally impact just you.

That aside - bug reports won’t get you a fix to the issue. They are just letting blizzard know that you think there is a bug so they can investigate.

With ticket times being so high, your first response is often a template that says try this or that. It should have had instructions at the bottom that said to re-open the ticket if you need more help. You should try to re-open that ticket to get a personalized response. If there is no option to re-open that same ticket, just make another one and reference the first one, and you should get personalized help this go-round.


Sorry, we had a bit of a troll that was jumping around different threads.

The mail error isn’t necessarily a Blizzard side error, it can happen with a corrupted file/addon as well. If you haven’t already, please try resetting your User Interface. If you just rename the Interface, WTF and Cache folders you can revert back after you have tried it. If the issue persists, then at least we’ve ruled that out.

As for getting a Game Master to look into your issue, please reopen the ticket you submit earlier. I would recommend naming which emails you are having an issue with. You have a few in your mailbox, so we want to make sure the Game Master is looking at the right ones.


Update: Looking at the items in the mail, it looks like you have Wrath of the Lich King enchanting materials. Those weren’t intended to be in the game prior to Wrath’s Launch so when they were purged, they were automatically “removed” from the mail. Those items likely will not be recoverable because of that and is what is causing the error.

However, I should be able to delete that mail. I figure we are trying to do that with other folk attempting to transfer, I can offer the same if you wish. Just let me know. :slight_smile: