Transfer Aborted: instance not found

Looks like ye olde bug is at it again. Reports are popping up over in General, and I’m stuck trying to exit the Emerald Dream myself.

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Forever stuck on a loading screen on Emerald Dream right now. Another guildie as well.

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It’s starting on Stormrage as well. The it tells you World Server Down


I finally got out after repeated attempts, though now I’m stuck trying to get into Darkheart Thicket :stuck_out_tongue:

A52 same. Stuck in Chromie time, cant even kill mobs lol

One more here from Azralon. Stuck on loading screen

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Thanks. We’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into.


Thank you, good sir!

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Oh boy. I thought it was just my net connection. First we have an earthquake, then this lol. What a day.

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Thrall is back to launch day performance.

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I’ve been trying to log my character Rosetyler in on Greymane – I can get to the character select screen, but when I try to enter the game it takes a very long time on the loading screen then pops back to character select with the error “World Server Down”. Server status shows Greymane is up, and low population.


Same issue

same issue here!

same issue with Dalaran Server too

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This is occurring for me on the Lightninghoof server too

Same, world server is down. Goldrinn, so I guess it’s everywhere.
When I see this “world server is down”, it kinda reminds me of The Matrix. :slight_smile:

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I am having the same problem in Norgannon

World servers down

Same issue on Stormrage

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It doesn’t seem to occur on all my characters; I’m able to get into one char but then can’t port anywhere. When I try to port to SW, I get a loading screen and eventually booted back to where I was porting from.