Top 10 complaints tomorrow

With this currency you are giving us is it only earned through the mythic chest or can say a player like me who doesn’t do mythics earn it as well through other means?


Blizzard is forcing me to: pvp/pve/rp/ie/bg/grind/pet battle/lfr/put up with lfr/warfront/mythic+/raid/deal with toxic/be toxic/login/logout/unsub/drink too much/eat too much/play other mmos/read my map/socialize with others/not socialize with others/vent on gd.

Edit: I forgot use my ground mount.


A few weeks or a few months. Cause right now it looks like it will take quite a while to earn enough to get that specific 385 piece.


Thanks for clarifying blue man.

    • Players who have unlocked World Quests at level 120 on at least one character will have Assault World Quests available to any of their other characters.

These are 110 -120 only, correct?

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If the values listed on WoWhead are accurate, and assuming you are scrapping pieces you get from other content, you should get a random piece either every week or every other week. Targeting a specific piece will probably take 3-4 weeks, or upwards of 2 months if you are relying solely on M+ cache.

This seems pretty inline with our current rate of getting the piece we want. I’ve been sitting on the same 3 azerite pieces since October. (I’ve received a lot more pieces since then, but none that were an upgrade).

In the new system I could have already purchased 1 or 2 of my BIS.


It is earned through your weekly cache and from salvaging Azerite pieces you’ve obtained post 8.1.

The timing is something we’re going to watch and see how it feels. I will likely make a blue post after the system is up for a few weeks asking what you guys think about it.


why are invasions on a timer! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I’m going with old reliable: Horde bias confirmed.

Runner up: why isn’t my idiosyncratic playstyle the singular focus of this update?


Hi Ythisens,

Thanks for the info! So it’s confirmed that last boss of each M+ will drop Residuum? So this currency is actually farmable?

Are you able to share how much you would get from a +10 completion? or is it like hydrocores where its basically the same regardless of difficulty?


I’m not really expecting much so I can’t really be too disappointed. Am I a bad Gnome?

(puts out a lovely tray of cookies for all to enjoy)



“I still died to a team with a mage on it. Nerf them more please.”


Just to add:

-who gets the warfront first?
-why cant I que for warfronts
-not enough content


AV Horde nerf, now a graveyard will be more difficult for us to take just because.

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So I can earn them from using the scrapper once 8.1 hits if I understand this right.

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You’re brave for popping in the forums despite the insult to the playerbase 8.1 is.


Top complaint: they’re not getting new azerite currency from old gear or new traits are only on new gear drops not old ones.


I can’t log on!

  • New PvP talent: Cleansing Waters - Chain Heal and Healing Rain have a 20% increased critical strike chance, and dispel all harmful magical effects from targets when they critically heal.

“Why are my DoTs being removed by Chain Heal (when it crits) spam?!”

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same reason my totems die with AOE now …remember my totems are my buffs, so they die with aeo now :frowning:

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