Top 10 complaints tomorrow

(Samhoof) #1

What will be tomorrow’s top complaints?


#1 - Why can’t I log in?

(Nereeza) #3

I’m waiting.

You can’t just make a title like that and give no content.

(Crewthian) #4

Someone has already finished all the new content and therefore bfa is super boring

(Lecreaux) #5

I’m waiting to see what the “mythic gear at a premium price is”.

Because if “premium price” is gold then that’s essentially cash shop gear. Bad direction to go in my opinion.

EDIT: CM replied it’s NOT going to be gold. Will be a currency we have to farm.

(Legionkiller) #6

I am bored and want to unsub.


Extended maintenance…

(Chaosnachos) #8

Just theorizing here.

Why can’t we fly yet?

(Bubblykiss) #9

Time to log into LFR raid wing one…oh poooooo…

(Hankypanky) #10

-Warfront “still boring”
-Warmode “Hordemode”
-“It still takes to long to lvl an alt.”
-No Zandalari/big humans. (Even though we talked about this to death and know when they will be released)
-Something about elves no one cares about.
-“No flying still…” because we need another one of these this week.

You know, same old thing they always complain about.

Edit: It’s like a bingo game… We should make this a bingo game.

(Yayayayayaya) #11

Horde bias.

(Cangremon) #12

“It’s 10:00 pm and I can’t log on!”

(Nightblade) #13

No Flying?!

(Sevaryn) #14

“That’s it?!”

(Sevaryn) #15

Pretty sure they’re talking about the scrap currency. IIRC the mythic az pieces are like 6x more expensive than heroic.


Yeah that’s not what that means at all. Basically it means that the specific pieces of 385 Azerite will cost a large amount of the currency that will take a few weeks to earn.

It gives the similar vibe to me as badges did back in the day.


The top complaint will be that maintenance lasts until 6 PM EST.

(Samhoof) #18

What can I say I’m a rebel I’m going to break the rules of writing.


Frost mages will probably be up there. Mages in general have been getting some sub-bar treatment for some time, now.

(Milkshooter) #20

Can’t delete keys