Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

How often does a player at the end of a transmog run have access to a Mage to teleport them directly to the hub nearest their next target? Do you wake up in the middle of the night when your friend is nearing the end of a Nighthold mount run to portal them to their next target?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done that on my Mage.

What I do do on my Mage is teleport myself to the next hub when I complete a run. And then to the next. And so on. With no cooldown. No waiting for my hearth to be up at the end of a run. No waddling out for five minutes for instances without an easy exit. It is drastically more efficient than on any other class.

Unless, of course, you have a Mage in your group at all times. Which I can only assume is a situation so rare it may as well only be hypothetical in nature.


This soar thing is a RACIAL TRAIT, and as such, it’s darn overpowering compared to all the other racial traits.

Since the race and class are mutually integral, the distinction hardly matters.

And even if it did… the Vulpera racial can teleport you directly to the entrance of any old raid in the game! From anywhere! Instantly! With a little foresight, this is drastically more “imbalanced” than being able to fly fast under very specific circumstances.

Why would even a Dracthyr Evoker go to Mount Hyjal or to the top of Blackrock Mountain or to the top of Highmountain so they have enough height to cover the distance to whatever raid or instance they’re heading into when they could just, you know, fly directly to the raid without having to worry about those ideal conditions and get there faster regardless?


Mages only have portals to main cities, and then they have to fly to whatever raid they are visiting at a maximum flying speed of 310. Everyone else can do the same thing.

Did you know, that you, as a player can have 4 hearthstones? And you can jump around very quickly to any hub?

Did you know that you as a player could have wormholes that take you to every zone?

Oh and both of those… no mage needed

You need to change your argument because it doesn’t fly (pardon the pun).

It all comes down to one thing… racial abilities. Again, as I have stated multiple times. Blizzard nerfed the Blood Elf racial (for example) to the ground under the guise of fairness to others. They are not going to allow an overpowered racial when they did that only one xpac ago.

As someone who has no interest in playing a Dracthyr, I approve of the nerf.

I will never play Evoker or DH.

I don’t care that DH can jump and glide and whatever.

I don’t care about soar. I wish it was fast with zero cooldown for those folks.

Every single class and race should have something that feels like a game-changer that makes you want to play that class or race.


Yet you can still teleport directly to the entrance of whatever raid you so choose. Yet people that don’t play Vulpera never caused a stink over it. They just noted it was cool and moved on. “Overpowered” indeed.


And it has a cooldown which is a lot longer than the sethrak flying CD is, not to mention the fact that you have to actually go to the raid to set it up, so that kind of defeats the purpose of the argument. Again, the argument doesn’t work.

A better argument would be to allow everyone to have dragon flying in the entire game. Or to increase flying to 900% (or 600% with the nerf that happened to sethrak flying). But blizzard is not going to do either of those things at this point.

But keep up the fight. It worked well for 1) strider keeping it’s water walking ability 2) keeping all of the portals in all of the main xpac cities & in new Dal. 3) allowing lfr players to get the slime kitty

It was always going to be more efficient to fly on your dragon mount vs Soar - especially once you unlock additional Vigor crystals.

Four? There’s the regular HS, Legion Dalaran, and Garrison. What’s the fourth one?


True. But why make it even less efficient for the sake of it?

It’s an increase of 310% for using the mount, on top of the 100% you already get from your regular feet :wink:

soar change looks fine. so you fly 30% slower but so what? still looks fun to use in old zones

Exactly my point. So what? So what if Druids can do herbalism with flying? So what if Shamans can Astrall Recall? So what if Mages can teleport? So what if Vulpera can set up a hearth to any coordinates in the open world?

All of the above add distinction and flavour and fun.
None of the above can be “overpowered” as there is no power involved.

So… why? Why nerf it? It’s not the nerf that matters. It’s that the nerf happened at all that is worrisome.


but mages can also port you, soar cant make you fly faster if you not evoker.

In which instance is there a Mage waiting to teleport you at the end?

the instance that there is a mage in my group.

Revert the change Blizzard. Do what’s right for your audience.

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This entire thread just reads as someone who wants to main evoker just for the fact that they can fly faster than everyone else. If evoker is a fun good class (which lets be honest it will prob be op), then the soar nerf does really affects you that much to complain.

Why would there ever be a Mage in my group when I feel like a quick clear of BWL at 4AM, followed by, say, BT?

For a race that can only be one class, which can in turn only be that race, thus making all of their racials class abilities, and their class abilities racials. Resetting everyone’s movement cooldown for the entire raid is FAR more OP as a racial than Soar, yet no one complains about that. Why not? Can dwarves use that ability? How about tauren? No, only Dracthyr can. But because it is called a “class ability” instead of a “racial,” people are okay with it. If Blizzard moved Soar to the class portion of the spell book, would it still need to be nerfed? Because at this point, whether it’s a Dracthyr racial or an Evoker class ability is a meaningless and purely cosmetic difference. No one is going have to reroll their Death Knight to Dracthyr because of Soar. And if they do decide to add more classes to the race in the future, then THAT will be the time to take a second look at their racials, and not before.