Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

Do you care if someone can outspeed you in irrelevant content every 5 minutes because of their class?

If so, do you care that Mages can do accomplish much the same thing, much more efficiently, with no cooldown?



dont even know what the soar change is

also don’t even really know what soar is


This 10char


TLDR is that Soar lets Evokers Dragonfly in the whole world instead of just Dragon Isles like everyone else.

Blizzard nerfed Soar by ~30%ish so instead of being twice as fast as Epic Flying (930% v 410%) it’s only 1.5x as fast (640% v 410%)

I…Don’t really care? It’s alpha, stuff is gunna get nerfed (or buffed) or just changed all the time.


It’s probably not something I’d main so I’m not that invested in it. The five minute cooldown is more of a concern to me.


I really don’t care if evokers want to RP as a sonic jet in the old world. I say let em fly.


druids can herb while in flight form…


From a purely numeric, mechanical standpoint, I honestly don’t care, either. It’s the philosophy that irks me. They’re tilting at windmills, trying to win a battle with an enemy that does not exist. Moreover, it’s a battle with their own community. I know it’s a meme, but they’re literally changing this because it’s too fun. Which is antithetical to making an enjoyable video game.

With no cooldown! And precise control! And they can hover in place!

Moreover, Shamans have a second hearth! Warlocks can summon people to literally anywhere, no cooldown! Competitive PvEers have now-unobtainable teleports to dungeons!

With all of these exclusive instant transportations options… how is Soar a bridge too far?


I personally advocate for having Dragon Riding for everyone in the old world. So i think that nerfing it is a bad idea overall, for the Evoker’s enjoyment and for everybody who wants Dragon riding everywhere, since it’s a case of Blizzard dying on their hill of releasing it on Dragon Isle only, once again.


Was still waiting for the Warrior tree to see which I would main. Dracthyr just became a lot less appealing as well as DF. I don’t want to wait an entire expansion for them to figure out how to get players more engaged again.

Their hogwash reasoning is not a good look.


Portals allow everyone similar access, same with summons. Portals/Teleports only go to main city destinations, summons require multiple people and the warlock has to get there first.

Soar allows the dracthyr to fly like a supersonic jet at anytime when it’s not on c/d, anywhere they like and it’s a personal racial. Completely different and it’s comparing apples to oranges.

Druids OTOH shouldn’t be able to gather in flight form, but that ship sailed long ago.

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/pats head

They sure can buddy. They sure can

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I think the biggest gripes of the day are great because that means the expansion isn’t showing actual problems.


Err… if you are talking over all performance vs content then anyone who is not playing a druid is underperforming - 4 specs( one best for something) , stealth , insta mount , skinning/herbing, does need to worry about looking a like clown so saves on mogging as well :rofl:


Not to kneecap your enthusiasm, but I think the gripe is that Blizzard, well, kneecapped our enthusiasm.

All signs were pointing to Dragonflight being a return to form, setting an enjoyable foundation for the game with a new, positive relationship with their community. Then this happens. They villify the community, anticipate our petty whining (when none has happened on the topic), and make a change that functionally makes the game just a little less fun. That is what people are up in arms about.

It’s not the change, itself. It’s the philosophy behind it that scares us. It’s an old habit that we hoped had been dashed.


I’m cool with being a bird!


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I don’t really care. It would be cool if they could amp up goblin glider with a similar effect though but I won’t miss it.

Spending the next few months learning to tank as protection warrior.

have people forgotten about dungeoun portals? that people have gotten?

  • mage portals + city portals + engineering portals

and there also adding in raid portals in wow shaodwlands season 4?

so you would rather a dragon race with wings be useless and to ride another dragon for somthing it should be able to do itself every now & then and takes away the connection to the game/class itselfs?

the ability soar also on a 5min CD

to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol
and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying.

i think it should match the Dragon riding speed to have any rellavence it can only be used once every 5min and doesnt have any of the recharge abilitys the dragon riding has


How is flying at double speed instead of triple speed useless?