Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

You’re missing the forest for the trees.

The details of the nerf are immaterial.

It’s that the nerf happened at all that is worryingly revealing of a certain attitude still being present within Blizzard’s ranks that ostensibly was quashed. “Fun detected” is a meme for a reason, and it looks like that philosophy is still going strong. So much for “listening” and getting back to basics.


All equally bad mistakes that never should’ve been made.

I mean a lot of people think fun is when they are way more op than everyone else, or their class race is miles ahead better at one thing than everyone else. Evoker will be fun as a healer(prob the best for m+) and the dps spec will be up there, they have ridiculous strong racial abilities for pvp and aoe m+ (knock backs or ups). Blizzard just nerf one tinny thing, that is NOT that crazy honestly and everyone is like “blizz has not change they destroy things when they see fun detected”.

I don’t know looks like you just focusing on one dead tree rather than appreciating the forest.


I think evoker is, as a class, kind of stupid. IMO Dragon-people is an overdone trope by now and they should be big beefy tanky Bozak’s in full plate leading the charge as shock troops, not standing back and pretending to be mages with a 5 color MTG deck.

That being said: IMO soar just shouldn’t be nerfed in old content, it shouldn’t be available in old content at all. It’s kind of cool of course, but why give them a double-speed fly? And if you’re cool with them having a double-speed fly, then why is a triple-speed fly bad?

I just don’t understand why they made this problem for themselves.
If Soar wasn’t available in old content, then it wouldn’t be an issue.
If the intent is to unlock dragonflying in older zones, then why not unlock soar at that time?

If you reduce it to simpler basic questions then it’s just silly why they let it all get to this point. It’s also silly the reasons they gave. Things like being able to collect battle pets more efficiently… what? They just keep making it worse.

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There’s a difference between balance and flavour. Soar has nothing to do with player power, thus, by definition, cannot be overpowered.

And my concern is with the arsonist that just burnt down that dead tree after saying that had learned their lesson about starting fires. I don’t care that there is a single dead tree in the forest - I want to make sure that the entire forest doesn’t burn down, even if a single tree is inconsequential.


oh man give my 4 legged chunker beef dragon tanks, i would play that all day

I don’t think that Dragonspawn are on the table, but Drakonids?

See, you just unironically stated the entire problem and didn’t even realize it. They DO have ridiculously strong racials for PvP and M+, and yet no one complains about these, and Blizzard feels no need to nerf them.

Instead, they pick the racial that does not give an advantage in competitive content, but which people were having a lot of fun with, and nerfed it because of Pet Battle balance.

That is literally “fun detected,” and somehow you don’t see the problem.


The tree died by it self so the forest could flourish. No arsonist.

Also flying faster in open worst can be player power, would be amazing for ganking or just swarms of wpvp (on server that are a thing) leveling faster would also be kind of op in a sense because you can move faster.

They should just keep it to DF and not let them fly at all in old world content.

Everyone literally complained about the racials, but then people said lets wait and see how broken they really are in pvp when all classes tree and pvp talents are out.


Okay, but my point still stands. Blizzard did nothing to adjust these, but then IMMEDIATELY nerfed the one people were having fun with.


Nerfing the soar was a no brainer, nerfing the racials while keeping the “fantasy” is a different story. Players and testers prob haven’t given feed back in pvp (which is usually ignored for the most part)

I don’t care. I’ll keep maining my Druid here. I can loot stuff for quests in my flight form and skip over a lot of mobs I have no desire to kill, so I am pretty happy with my class.


Nope. You also have it slightly wrong there though, Soar is a Racial ability not an Evoker ability. For now that’s a distinction without a difference since Dracthyr can only be Evoker, but they’ve said they will probably add other classes to Dracthyr later and since Soar is a Racial that means Dracthyr Warriors, Hunters, etc would all be able to use it too.

I still don’t care about them being faster than me though, and I think the nerf should be reverted immediately.


In the sense that it required the lack of a brain, I agree.


They are meant as examples as to why soar people shouldn’t waste their breath

I never, ever, in any way, ever even a little bit will care how fast other people can fly.


Soar should just be made like running wild; treat it the same as any mount/dragon riding thing. Don’t treat it like a racial cooldown.


I understand your point, but if nobody says anything then nothing ever changes. I could cite Covenant swapping, conduit energy, the AoE cap, and even Nightborne glow hands as examples of times when loud enough feedback eventually did make a difference (even if it was late in coming).