This transfer is not currently available for your characters faction

My guild was split as well, one guy left behind. Everyone else is now talking about quitting, you have got to be kidding Blizzard. Btw, thanks in advance for all the Horde troll responses about how dare I transfer to a balanced realm without queues, your garbage information and lack of empathy is critical in resolving customer service issues.


I hate to say this but temporary and limited paid transfers to reunite the guilds maybe the way to fix this.

BTW editing my response as Blizz is aware and there is a way to remedy the situation.

Basically all Horde responds regarding pvp boil down to ‘we have a great server, we outnumber the other faction, we’re having fun- how dare you want to be on a server like ours’.


Open a ticket. They may be able to either move on unmove you depending on the scenario.

There is a blue post in another thread.

Now they need to implement faction specific queues.

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Its easy to tell other players to quit the game aint it.

They actually split accounts?

Holy cow

This incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many of my Alliance friends to finally quit Classic WoW totally.
When a group of friends got split up due to this incident, those that couldn’t transfer decide to finally just quit due to Blizzard’s fubar and even those that managed to transfer decide to quit too to join their friends elsewhere. The only one that stay decided to start over and reroll horde on a horde dominated server.


Y. I try to tell myself the same thing for different reasons but they never listen :slight_smile:

I could understand why. Leveling in itself is a task, finding a group of like minded players is even more of a challenge.
Cant say i blame them for not wanting to repeat that process.

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This is EXACTLY why you do NOT transfer. Let Blizzard deal with the server balance in other ways. All you did was make it EASIER for Blizzard to balance servers by screwing yourselves over.

You have no one to blame but yourselves if the transfers split your guild/friends. This was always how transfers were setup and anyone who expected any bit of professionalism or courtesy from Blizzard were naive to begin with.

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A dollar late and a day short as always-GG.

Blizzard needed to restrict transfers off from the lower populated factions the moment they decided to open transfers

Good, quit then. We dont need all these Alliance players who are complete crybabies and should have rolled PVE to begin with ruining the servers anymore.


You’re so wrong on so many levels its unreal. When I first rolled on Stalagg, it was a popping server, with massive populations on both sides. The wildly inaccurate WoWhead Census (which was ultimately taken down due to the inaccuracies they themselves acknowledged) then incited a mass panic amongst the Alliance causing them all to tuck tail and flee.

I was here since Day 1, before anyone knew what the population ratios were going to be like. Your argument is moot, because the Alliance that left did so 100% due to population concerns. I did not end up on Horde because I wanted to be on the winning side. I ended up on Horde because I was Horde in Vanilla.

I fought for the Horde in Vanilla when we were outnumbered 4:1 on my server by the Alliance wretches, and I continue to fight for the Horde now. That’s always been my agenda. Yours apparently, revolves around only fighting for the Alliance, where there’s no Horde to fight.

Try again.

Imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if they had faction locked the servers at launch … “I cant play with my friends now…thanks Blizz!!!”
Hahaha. Nothing makes people happy.

The only reason your guild got split was because you all were trying to transfer to an alliance dominant server. Don’t try to act like you were going to a balanced realm.

Could just submit tickets asking for a reversal as a blue so nicely pointed out here… Going to have to reverse transfers?

That census stuff (accurate or not) definitely damaged faction balance.

You’re on a server where there’s barely any Alliance, and a sea of Horde. I don’t see how me being on a server where I can enter a zone and see one other Alliance in the same amount of time I’ve seen 20 other Horde, where in any contested zone there are more Horde within visual range at any time than there are Alliance in a /who of the entire zone- means I want no Horde to fight?

Not wanting to be 1-10 means I want no Horde to fight? You realize you’re in the exact situation you’re talking about yeah? No, no of course you don’t- because somehow you’re looking at those that went to HS alliance and thinking down on them, while you’re in literally the same position- and you can’t even realize that.

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