This Queue Time is Pathetic Blizz

Dude…Bloomsday literally just sits here and trolls the forums all day. Ignore him and move on he’ll NEVER accept anything that you say regardless of whether you’re right or wrong. Better to just move on with your life


Its our fault Blizzard stopped caring about server balances and populations and made plans to decommission them last year?

We asked for mega servers to be born? Can you remind me how many servers are left and how many of them don’t have a daily que?

I think you opening your mouth is an insult the the community council member who is the only one supporting the players.

No, the insult here is coming to a video game forum, and dropping such a heinous thing just because they disagree with someone. The world is not black and white, and there is nuance to everything. This situation in NO WAY condones the topic he’s trying to imply.

If you want to disagree with me on the video game topic I brought up, I accept that, you’re welcome to do so. But don’t agree with this person and their use of sexual assault as a comparison to overloaded video game servers. That’s horrid and disgusting.

Sexual assault? This is about the ques not personal issues.

You clearly didn’t read the person I responded to.

As I said, you’re allowed to be upset and disagree with me. But you didn’t read the comment I responded to, and defended someone making disgusting remarks.

stop putting it on the customer when blizzard knew full well what was happening. also stop trying to defend them

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Yes you responded to the person on community council. You said that basically people who are on mega servers asked for this and that we did this to ourselves.

The comment you responded to was in context of you saying we are responsible for dealing with what comes of transferring to a server to play with an active community.

The fact that you tried to spin that into whatever you tried to spin it into is nuts. Also that community council member is not banned so I am not sure what you are going on about.

Are you actually saying it’s not blizzards fault? WOW dude, just stop already holy ****. Blizzard had all of the power to stop realm transfers last year when it was happening. I certaintly remember people screaming on the forums for them to lock benediction because it was becoming too full. Guess what? They didnt. They wanted their grubby paws over that transfer money. Blizzard is the ONLY one who knows server population to the T, the trends, and how to stop it. Yet they didnt do ****. So yes keep blaming the customer for wanting to play on a server that has people/friends on it who don’t want to play on a dying server.

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IF you want to defend someone using sexual assault as a shield to disagree with people, then by all means.

My original point was that if you moved to Any of the crazy full servers after they were already full, and are complaining, you knew it would be bad and have no right to complain.

You disagree, and I respect that. But you REALLY need to learn to accept that other people have differing opinions. You claim I’m spinning it, but you’re openly defending that guys disgusting remarks for no other reason then you disagree with me. Morality at the expense of being “right”, I guess.

I pity you.

This company is a joke. I used to stand up for them. No more.

Mispeled wrote a great post on this topic in the CC. Check it out and like it if you agree.

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I transferred all my toons to old blanchy, and it was free, and have been running heroics all morning long and there are quite a few people on this server. Try that and maybe you won’t have to wait in a queue.

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If a football stadium is full its not the customers responsibility to stop entering. THE establishment has to limit the amount of people. Stop putting this on the players instead of the company. Its ridiculous


Nope. Never answered these questions.

And no, I never asked for a super long and detailed explanation. I wanted to understand why you don’t see the link between layering and the birth of mega realms. I absolutely guarantee that the population distribution wouldn’t be so abysmal if layering were turned off after the peak of the new content rush like they said it would be.

I don’t actually know for a fact whether layering increases the capacity of the realm at any given time, but either way it does shield players from the very problems they they created. It makes perfect sense to spin up new layers when there’s a major content launch and everyone floods to a single zone for new content. That’s what layering was meant to address.

It doesn’t make perfect sense to allow new layers to spin up because there are thousands of people standing around in Stormwind or doing other content that doesn’t strictly count as “new”. By artificially keeping the game more comfortable by segregating the crowds into discrete slices, they created a situation where a players will continue to flock to gigantic realms and never truly realize how unhealthy it is until times like this where a large portion of the population wants to play at the same time and the servers can’t handle the load.

So it’s 100% Blizzard’s fault for allowing the realms to become overpopulated and valuing player freedom over healthy population distribution. Because now no one wins. That being said, no, I don’t see how it’s Blizzard’s fault that people knowingly used that freedom to flock to mega realms and put themselves in a situation where queues were absolutely inevitable.

The solution to this issue is for all of us to request Blizzard to take action on population distribution, not to magically (expensively) add more server capacity.

Oh, I do too! :rofl: It’s just that not everything is their fault.

Layering is bad for the game. If the solution is to “layer the crap out of” the game, then we shouldn’t even have servers anymore. It should be like Retail. Which is absolutely horrendous, by the way.

Aurumai you have to understand that I never said everything is their fault. They do amazing things. I want them to win. It’s sucks seeing them shoot themselves in the foot because this queue situation could have been easily avoided if they spent the money to expand the capacity of their servers. Also, who wants to play on a dead realm? The technology exists in retail where they can link servers and they do it in classic bgs as well. I don’t blame people for wanting to flock to a well balanced server with a strong community and population. Blizzard knows people desire this and yet they put it on the player base to fix their queue problem they are too lazy to fix by offering free transfers. If you want me to list some things I think blizz has done well, I can do that too if you need proof I’m not someone trying to simply troll them. I’ve been with them since 1995 and they haven’t always been this way.

The queue numbers will only get worse in a couple weeks. Players have been given an option but refuse to take it so it’s difficult to sympathize.

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No one wants to move to a dead realm or a realm where they are the super minority faction (we lived thru this on Earthfury). They could easily change the words “Full” or “High” with bars for population. One red and one blue. It doesn’t give away their precious numbers but it lets the population make informed decisions on where they want to move.

flag for trolling and move on

It’s their fault that they haven’t taken action on population distribution over the years. But it’s not their fault that the players chose to use their freedom to flood into grotesquely overpopulated realms.

it is the players faukts for going to a over pop already full server so yes hes right