This Queue Time is Pathetic Blizz

I love this reply and mentality.

You knowingly jumped to afull server, and now you’re complaining about it. So you expect Blizzard to fix your bad life choices?

The circus must be in town, there’s a clown loose making forum posts.

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What queue mate? I’ve been playing since prepatch went live with no queue’s. I picked the correct server. Apparently you didn’t. ROFL Not Activision’s fault. Only your own.

True. Haven’t gotten a queue on Skyfury OMEGAROLL

Did you miss the part where they said they were there on day 1? They didn’t”knowingly” jump to a full server. They are stuck in a queue because of other players bad choices and poor management by Blizzard.

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Then you don’t recall very well as the ss of over 1 day wait times still exist. As for layering you have a fair point but that has nothing to do with conversation I was having with another person.

When did I say I knowingly jumped to a full server? Where are you getting this? I was there from day 1 with my guild that I brought over. We have a community there. Why are you attacking me?

I’m speaking not just for myself, but for anyone who needs to waste their time in such a ridiculous queue in 2022 because blizz is too lazy to do their own job. Why do you stand up for this?

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I want Blizzard to succeed. I’m frustrated because I have been with them since 1995 and have watched them go from treating their customers with respect to treating them like crap. I haev watched their games suffer from poor design that partially stems from not caring about player experience.

This queue time is not a one-off. It’s indicative of a horrible mindset they have had that has driven hundreds of thousands of loyal fans away. It doesn’t feel like they are respecting their player’s time when they are okay with thousands of people sitting in queue just so they can save a few bucks. It’s short-sighted as hell.

Its kinda short-sighted from you and everyone else complaining about ques that you just assume that they are doing nothing on the back end to fix it. It’s not as easy as just hitting a “fix” button.

Now if we get to the launch of Wrath in a few weeks time and nothing has changed, then we can circle back around to this conversation. But prepatch was only released a few days ago. Fixes that you want, and are rightly calling for, take time.

I mean everyone is all “you guys knew what you were doing when you went to a mega server” and to that I say “please tell me how many servers are left to go to?”.

It is as easy as hitting a button, go look up how to change a hosted servers resources. Go look into how to increase the performance of your database (AH issues).

Like I don’t know how many times I can repeat myself but Blizzard is already losing people who wanted to come back for pre patch but dont have the time to beat the que.

Hell I know people trying to roll on any server and basically all of them have ques. Blizzard cant be hyped to make money off people for the most popular part of the game if they don’t have room for people to play.

Once again if you are not a IT industry expert you should stay out of this topic as anyone who works in the field knows how easy it is to increase performance on your hosted servers.

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estimated ticket 3 days 21 hours btw, they dont care, period.


It’s not just increasing the performance on a hosted server though. They would have to implement layers into servers to counter act the number of people that are online at a given time. You are just looking at the issue from a server performance pov, and not even thinking about all the stuff they have to do to not completely break the game.

I’m sure they have the tech to just let 5000 more players onto a server without issue, but they have to take into count how the game itself will be affected, not just the server.

It has been 12 years since its original launch and this is the second time they have released the same game and you are asking for more time on their part. You have more faith in them than I do. If this was a rare occurrence with this company, I might have a bit more patience but it has been amateur hour for a decade with these people.

I’m giving more credit to Blizzard than most of you here by believing they are capable of doing better. You guys keep making excuses for them as if they aren’t able to do better. Instead, you attack people who give negative feedback to Blizzard that, if listened to, would greatly improve the game and make them even more money.

Im dumb AF all i know is they removed layers and whitemane had a 4-6 hour que.

They then decided to talk about it on the forums and they added Layering back to select realms and all of a sudden poof, the que was gone.

You think them adding more layers is out of the question? They literally already do it. I am not sure what part you don’t understand but everything you are saying is tough for them is not.

You think companies don’t get bought up by other companies? Making them expand their infrastructure to include 20 new office locations for instance? What do they do with those servers? They expand and upgrade them.

Do ISP’s not upgrade their lines to fibre if they want to sell their product? Yes, they have to spend money to upgrade their infrastructure to be able to provide the service that they and their competitors sell.

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And that’s what I think they should do and hopefully it happens. Just layer the crap out of server to allow everyone to play.


I never said this… idk how you jumped to this conclusion.

The queue times don’t necessarily reflect the people who won’t even wait in that queue. I guarantee you there are thousands more who aren’t playing that we don’t even know about. Blizzard has had a rough year. I want them to succeed. This does not make them look good and does more to discourage returning players. This could have been avoided very easily if they had done their jobs.

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Who has a queue time? I’m playing on Pagle which is a high pop server (often flagged as Full) and haven’t queued once since prepatch went live.

I think it’s incredibly insensitive and insulting to compare anything I said to something like that. If you want to argue my point that people knowingly put themselves in a bad position (in a video game), then argue it. But maybe don’t bring such a tragic thing into the conversation. I CLEARLY said nothing of the sort, and you’re aiming for shock value over actually arguing the point. I shouldn’t have to say this, but a video game and real life are different and seperate.

Shame on you.

Community Council clearly needs to vet their people better.

I hate layering, but this seems to be the best short term solution.

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