This Queue Time is Pathetic Blizz

Yep, I agree 100%! All the money they have and they haven’t implemented elastic server scaling; my mind, and pockets, are blown at this.

I’m on a server many have left because of “low” (was originally medium) population for high (usually full) servers. I predicted that when WotLK was close to release that those servers would have queue times. Interesting to see that came true.

Unlike others I know there is a limit to how much traffic a connection can handle and a limit to how much a server can handle. Dog piling people on one server will overwhelm it. I don’t know how much old code from Wrath still exists in the current system but it has to limit capacity as it is obsolete code. The layering seems to be a manual configuration they set, perhaps even requiring a reboot of the server (shudder).

What I’m tired of is the constant maintenance shut-downs that happens at least every other day. I wish those would stop. But I guess these are mimicking the original Wrath release too.

First off, I don’t trust these blue posts anymore and for good reason. They should have stopped people from entering these mega realms in the first place. That would have prevented the problem. This is an honest question to you. Why do you stand up for this company?

So a game producer definitively explaining the situation… Not a good source… Interesting. What source do you trust? Who or what gives you the confidence to say that this situation could “easily be avoided” when we have people from the WoW team itself who say otherwise?


I’d agree with that. They’ve done a horrific job of maintaining any semblence of healthy population distribution.

I’m not “standing up” for them. I’m just pointing out how utterly ridiculous and incorrect all of this queue time whining is. Pointing out where people’s criticisms for Blizzard are incorrect doesn’t mean I’m a white knight for Blizzard.

lol i think its hilarious the mega servers have Q’s. Any server with a normal pop is dead right? Well at least we get to play.

I don’t believe it is ridiculous to give blizzard negative feedback on their queue times. In regards to blue posts, I would trust them more if they hadn’t bs’d their own player base for years though I will say I am grateful they posted and it does seem like they are placing more effort in at least trying to communicate with us especially in DF. That I do appreciate and I’m glad they addressed the issue. I’m not dismissing what was said but at the same time, I’m slower to believe every word they say.

You shouldn’t be attacking people for being angry about this though. It’s a completely valid situation to address and you have to understand that one of my main frustrations is it makes them look bad. I Remote Desktop in at this point and I try my best to time it so I don’t sit afk at all so other people can play. But this makes blizz look bad. You might not believe me but I am wanting this company to succeed. I still don’t buy into the argument that there is nothing they could have done or can do. I just don’t believe it. But they said they are looking into solutions so we will have to see what happens.

It sounds like you didn’t learn your lesson about what full meant 12 years ago.
I’m sorry about that and hope to help rectify this egregious issue.

Full, as according to webster’s dictionary: (Adj.) containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space

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You want me to carry Blizz’s water? I’m about to join you my dear Cozart because if you can’t beat them, join them. You are about to see the biggest Blizzard fanboy you have ever seen. Get ready. By the way. Very well thought out post. I have to say I’ve been wondering what that word meant for years and I’m glad you told me. I like the dictionary touch also. Well done!

I’m far from a blizzard fanboy.
I have at least a dozen gripes, from the awkward dungeon toon we got when even the one we use from retail for mythic dungeons would be better, to the poor policing of AFK/non participants in BG’s, pushing microtransactions,

but not once have I ever been mad when a literal full server has a queue time when you are given a game message about what exactly full means when you make a toon on one. That’s a silly thing to die on your cross over in the forums when there are real issues we could talk about.

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To all you idiots complaining about your realms being full, where do you get off? It’s not blizzards fault. It’s yours. You knew it was full and you deserve every second of wait time your @$$ has to sit through especially if you are on an evil mega realm.

Blizzard couldn’t have set limitations to their servers beforehand. How could they know the game was going to be so popular or their own base was going to be so stupid and flock like a bunch of sheep to the evil mega-whale servers because they like community and faction balance?

To all of you buttholes complaining, this is your fault and all of you are toxic. Blizzard has addressed these issues in their own posts and who knows better than them? They have been an upstanding and competent company for decades. They always speak the truth. They care about people as evidenced by their social contract they force your @$$ to sign. They back it up with a system that definitely isn’t automated and they reverse bans that are accidentally sent out by real people who work there.

You people make me sick. You people are toxic and deserve your queue times. Now shut up and take it to the face you whining bunch of sissies. How dare you come to the forums that are designed as the primary source of feedback for blizz to better their own games and spout such negative feedback? Pathetic.

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No my dear Cozart. You aren’t the fanboy. I am. I am now 180ing my position. Sit back and watch the fireworks my friend

Keep crying about player created issues you have known about for years now.

You are absolutely right. Rotationn! I have since seen the error of my ways and I agree that I should not be complaining about paying a monthly fee and sitting in queue on the forums that are designed for player feedback to help better a company. There was nothing blizz could have done. I’m on your side now. These people are so toxic. I’ll be sure not to offend you by posting issues I think are relevant to game health. That was my bad but you have to understand that I am suffering from a lack of intellect and sometimes it’s seeps out in not so well thought out Warcraft forum posts. It’s hard when you are living in your parents basement though. I have plans to get out soon!!! Thanks for calling me out:)

When your negative feedback is about things you don’t understand and/or things that can’t be fixed, I think it is ridiculous.

Now I will say that we are in agreement that Blizzard has plenty to be blamed for, not least of which is their role in allowing these mega realms to be created in the first place. That’s an area where they could have stepped in and prevented this mess from happening.

But when it comes to the queue times and fullness of the realms themselves? Calling this a failure to modernize their systems or to “update” hardware to hold more people just doesn’t make sense.

I guess I just don’t understand. You kinda believe it or you don’t. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve seen my fair share of Blizzard screwups over the course of the last decade and a half, but I see no reason to think that the WoW team itself (the developers of the game, not the corporate bosses) would ever be intentionally dishonest.

Who have I “attacked”? The worst I’ve done is to point out how childish and absurd many people’s claims are.

Like this. If you honestly get so upset about these issues that you pretend to regress into a different persona, I think forums might be unhealthy for you.

I don’t know what the big deal is… the queue times aren’t even that bad.

Log in an hour or two early and do something while it logs you in…

Good on you OP I’m on your side because I’m anti-toxic and anyone who’s toxic needs to go away.

Guys I don’t know what the technical fix should be but that’s blizzard’s job. They transferred low pop realms to larger realms right before prepatch. They created this mess. There are people who cannot play who pay to and that’s not right.

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