There are too many melee auto attack sounds missing

I’d like to bring attention to the lack of auto attack melee sounds during combat gameplay. There is an issue where melee auto attack sounds do not fire when you do an instant-cast melee damage ability or just after you do a dodge, parry or block from an enemy’s attack.

An example of this is, with a warrior using a 2-handed weapon, to auto attack a target spamming either Sunder, Hamstring or any instant attack ability and you’ll notice the white damage (auto attacks) do not make a sound if it happens around the time the instant attack is casted. This effect gets compounded when you start getting high level gear as you also do a higher number of parries and dodges, making it so the target very often loses damage while there is no sound of this.

While all the damage is still being correctly delivered to the target, it heavily affects the fighting experience to the point that with my Paladin (which only auto attacks) I have had times where I kill a mob and literally never hear an auto attack sound. It is very disappointing given that the sound design for WoW Classic is great and those sounds are very satisfying, especially the critical strikes. It sucks to have your 2-handed melee strikes act as DoTs with absolutely no sound when you hit or crit them.

These auto attack melee sounds are also missing when a Paladin procs Seal of Command (SoC). Seal of Command has two hits, regular melee and that of SoC. When SoC procs, there is no melee sound so the only sound you get is that of the proc. What’s worse is that the SoC sound is the same regardless of if it crits or not so no matter if you get a massive double crit (melee and SoC) you only hear the SoC sound, which is completely lame. They also took away the SoC double animation so now you only get the SoC animation and not the melee hit + SoC animation. This double hit animation made the Ret Paladin gameplay fun to watch and look out for when using them.

I’m trying to create some kind of awareness of these issues so that they may one day be corrected. I know the meta and most performance-focused players do not care about any of these gameplay experience issues but I wanna say that there is a portion of the player base which really loves the animations and sounds of the game as well as our characters and these kinds of issues are a let down and reduce the fun and desire to play.

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Sounds are important cues to the game.
Not hearing them can absolutely screw with you, as you are spending visual attention elsewhere.

I have noticed this issue as well.

Sadly this issue has been here since one of the patches from SoM or TBC. I stopped playing in early 2022 with one of the main reasons being the loads of bugs in the game, including this one. I came back now for HC with some friends and find that the issues still persists. It’s frustrating because being a 2-hander user it’s one of the main sounds when grinding and as you get higher gear the problem just exacerbates.

Starting to suspect this is an intentionally changed thing…

Think about it from the server lag perspective, if they send Q’s for fewer actions to your client (not 100% on how their server architecture is set up) but less functions per min = less lag, and the servers are real laggy because they’re under budget per the load. I doubt blizz will give us much either because they want to keep room open for dead games like D4 and OW2

Noticed the animation also fails fairly often. When a skill overlaps the swing it delays the swing, maybe it just happens late. Never been terribly bothered but the damage text can be VERY late.

This too. The damage text can be VERY late indeed, as in only appearing on your NEXT swig.