The Userper *Spoilers*

possible spoilers for shadowlands, proceed with caution

So when Anduin goes missing in Shadowlands, Turalyon takes over as “Steward of Stormwind”…Now I get Turalyon is perhaps one of humanities greatest hero’s being a hero of the second war, and a champion of the light having fought the legion for 1000 years…but the problem of him becoming some sort of steward of Stormwind, is the fact that Turalyon is not a native of Stormwind, he’s from Lordaeron, so…

And with Calia we have an uncomfortable creep of light possessed people snatching up positions of power, in places where they are not necessarily wanted. There is opposition to Calia leading the Forsaken, and in Shadowlands Turalyon experiences resistance to his “stewardship of Stormwind”.

Him being a Light antagonist or whatever seems a bit weird to me because Turalyon is NOT a Light fanatic. He’s very clearly Lawful Good without being Stupid imo.

I’ve seen this idea floated a few times but I just don’t see it making sense with Turalyon of all people


The mans been at war with Demons for 1000 years, and he’s quite literally possessed by the light, Yrel didn’t seem like a fanatic either, well until more Naaru showed up and caused her to wage a war of religious conquest on the Mag’har. And she wasn’t even a lightforged.


What about Alleria though? He’s literally married to a blueberry and convinced the one responsible for Yrel (probably) that the Void isn’t all bad

It just seems really strange for him to do a 180 like that and become all Lux Vult. Of course it COULD happen but I would be pretty upset lol


I think the fanaticism of light users is tied to their proximity to Naaru, remember when Illidan killed Xe’ra and Turalyon tried to kill him instantly, til the light faded out of his eyes and he came back to his senses and heard Illidan out.

Maybe when Yrel comes knocking on our door with a Light crusade, our local light possessed people might start acting up.

(As for Alleria, he did also let Xe’ra lock her up).

I think people are jumping to conclusions about Turalyon.

Turalyon is not, nor has he ever, been shown as overly fanatical towards the Light. While initially outraged Illidan killed Xe’ra… of course he was she was his superior, but he did relent.

The Light, yes. But we should let it guide us, not command us. We also have our own minds and hearts. We should make use of those as well
-Before the Storm

He’s tolerant towards Alleria’s study of the Void, he supported unification between living and undead Lordaeronni, he came to embrace the undead Faol. Turalyon isn’t, either now nor when he served Xe’ra, blinded by the Light. He’s level headed and rational, pragmatic even.

But for some reason, people keep jumping to this out-of-character conclusion that Turalyon is some zealot, when he’s shown time and time again he’s not. That he’ll become some Light thumping leader when he cautions against being like that.

If there are issues with Turalyon being the interim leader of the Alliance, it’ll likely come from other people reacting to Turalyon. Like Greymane or Shaw. Not from Turalyon himself.


I’m aware Turalyon is very level headed and cool at this time, as was Yrel. He’s an order of magnitude more Intune with the light than Yrel was.

Turalyon is also a magnitude older and wiser than Yrel, and doesn’t come from a culture that owed its very existance to Naaru interference to begin with, and also possesses negative experiences with Naaru that draenei like Yrel lacks.

Turalyon’s opinions shouldn’t be disregarded just cause some draenei became fanatical, look at Turalyon’s words and actions. Using other characters with vastly different lives as justification is wrong, Yrel going fanatical means jack diddly about Turalyon’s character.

How does Yrel in anyway prove Turalyon could go fanatical? Does Turalyon’s own actions not count more than what Yrel’s was?

Different people handle similar situations differently. Turalyon isn’t Yrel and she going fanatical doesn’t prove or show anything, Turalyon’s shown he doesn’t believe in letting the Light dictate your life. His beliefs matter here more than how someone else handled it.


While I agree with you on judging Turalyon on his character, the problem is we dont know how much room the light leaves for free will when it really wants something done. We saw with Xe’ra trying to impose her will on Illidan that this is a tactic the light will use, we now have to wonder if the light can do this on a more subtle level like the old gods do.

Letting a floating Crystal lock up your wife for an untold amount of time because she won’t give herself to Lightforging isn’t rational.

Simple as.


There is zero problem with this if he’s appointed by the king of Stormwind. There’s no requirement for the person taking over for the king to come from the same country.


Yeah I mean look at real life:

Queen of England is technically German, King of Spain is technically French, Prince of Monaco is Irish-Italian-American, etc.


Bolvar is of Lordaeron, and he served as regent. Turalyon being from Lordaeron and being named steward is along that vein. Also, Anduin had named Genn as a possible ruler in his stead in the past.

People can make an issue of anything. The land of Turalyon’s origin seems to be the least of the concerns one may have. His obsequiousness to Xera calls his judgement into question. But I am not sure how many folks are even aware of the details among the general population.


Call me cynical but I had a thought.

This reeks of bad story telling to push a conflict (to a degree from the outside) in the Alliance without involving Anduin himself at all. He’s out of the picture and no matter what happens he will be “untarnished”, still “perfect” and blameless because he was abducted and is stuck in the Shadowlands. I wouldn’t be supersized at all if this was the only, or mostly the real reason why some of the faction leads got abducted in the first place. Yes we are saving them, but it seems to work and is food for thought.


Yup that’s gonna be the plot. Anduin will be Good Light, Turalyon will probably get the Villain Bat.

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I have a feeling the next big conflict will be caused by Genn going feral during or after Shadowlands. Turalyon going fanatical is out of character. Genn on the other hand, is somewhat of a wild card Blizzard could use as a future setting up point for something caused by the Alliance that will force Anduin to act.

I’m not sure about Genn. Sure it would fit with some of his characterization. But we know Shaw is more fond of Genn and thinks he would do a better Job than Turalyon (no idea what they are doing to him).
I could see it, but I’m hesitant to predict anything he could do for the moment at least. I don’t think they will use him as fodder, or in a sort of antagonistic way.

I’m more intrigued by Shaw playing politics and talking to Genn about how it should be him and not Turalyon… Wonder if that goes anywhere.

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So far, SL Genn has been very pragmatic – to the point where he disagreed with Tyrande (and agreed with Lor’themar) about blindly chasing Sylvanas.

Weak GoT…