The Revival Catalyst is Coming Next Week

Greetings adventurers!

The Revival Catalyst will become available for players after scheduled maintenance the week of January 24. To access it, characters will travel to the northern side of Tyrhold in Thaldraszus and the console is located next to the NPC Antuka.

At a base level, the Revival Catalyst will allow players to turn Season 1 Dragonflight gear into corresponding tier gear for that slot. Eligible items can be earned through Mythic+ dungeons, PvP, the Vault of the Incarnates raid dungeon, Tier 2 (Epic) Storm Gear, Tier 2 Warmode gear, World Bosses, and direct options from The Great Vault. Tier set pieces which contribute to the tier set bonus will be granted for chests, gloves, legs, helms, and shoulders. Tier set appearance pieces which do not contribute to the tier set bonus will be granted for belts, boots, bracers, and cloaks.

Each week, an account-wide quest will be available which awards a charge to the Revival Catalyst. Progress towards this quest will require players to complete relevant Raid, Mythic+, PvP, and/or world content. This can be done on a single character or combined across multiple characters on the account. Completion will then award a separate charge for each character on the account which includes any characters that get created in the future! The total number of charges that can be stored for an individual character is currently capped at 6.

If a character vendored, disenchanted, or destroyed a Dragonflight Season 1 item that you want to use for this system, please visit the World of Warcraft Item Restoration page for assistance.

Some additional details:

Q: When creating tier set items with the Revival Catalyst, what is the item level of the tier piece after the process is complete? Is it the same item level as the base piece or are there item level ranges that snap to LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic item levels for tier?

A: The resulting item will have the same item level of the item that you put into the catalyst. It also keeps Mythic/PvP upgrade paths, tertiary stats (leech, speed, etc.), and sockets.

Q: Are tier set items created by the Revival Catalyst upgradeable or do you need to remake the tier with a higher item level base piece?

A: You’ll want to remake it with a higher item level base piece, unless the initial version had an upgrade path from PvP or Mythic+ and you earned currency to allow it to be upgraded in that way. For example, if you convert a non-set 9/12 helm from Mythic+ to a 9/13 tier piece, you will be able to use the Valor currency to upgrade it to a 13/13 tier piece.

Q: What secondary stats (Haste, Versatility, etc.) will be on the items made by the Revival Catalyst?

A: The tier pieces all have specific secondary stats regardless of what item is put into the system, only the tertiary stats (Leech, Speed, etc.), and sockets carry over.

Q: What gear is not eligible for use in the Revival Catalyst?

A: Items that are not eligible for the Revival Catalyst include items gained from crafting and from the Renown track.





In the future tiers can we PLEASE have access to the catalyst a week or two after raid release? It’s absurd that we needed to wait this long for it.

Also any chance we could get a scrap machine that refunds Sparks of Life by destroying the crafted equipment? (I’m sure some of us will be scrapping prof gear for Tier pieces with the catalyst now).


Still think this is too late of a release.


Why not communicate why everyone had to wait this long?


Also any news on valor cap, which also should be out of the game?


Adding a post to second catalyst taking too long to release


I got my first four piece last night on one of three characters. What an absolute pleasure it was to wait till week before.

Release this with raid next time, the entire community is asking you to do something but you ignore it with zero logical explanation.


And conquest cap, they shouldn’t be a thing after a few weeks of a season.


This part feels kind of weird to me. If we’re nearing the end of the tier, why are we still putting in friction for these systems? Say you’re working on a new character and need 4 piece desperately, and you use 3 charges to get your 4 piece at heroic ilvl, since you’ve been wildly unlucky in raid and in vault. Now you can’t utilize 4 charges for mythic ilvl? What if you get a 421 base piece from vault? Too bad you could have never predicted that with the 6 charges you get? Just not sure what the point of this added friction is, when the system is coming out so much later than when this friction would have made sense.


So Primal Storm gear can be converted then? (For non-instance players)

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Disappinted that crafted gear cant be turned into tier.

I thought that was the whole point of crafting this expansion.

If i can run the content to upgrade crafter armor to 418 it doesnt make sense to me to not be able to turn that into tier. I still have to raid or do m+ for it.


Super agree here. I think it would cut down on the degeneracy of the world first guilds a bit too maybe? Less splits for tier if they can just use a catalyst to make it. Would help pump up viewership if we were watching less splits, which also means more marketing and good publicity for the game. Seems like a win-win.


Also what if you want the items that match your tier like belts and cloaks.


I agree it was too long of a wait.


Eh it just means you don’t want crafted gear on 4 slots. The off slot you can use your BiS stats (because the off slot will likely be the slot with horrible tier set stats). Like for unholy DK we still want our chest.

You can only hold 6 charges MAX, (don’t know why there is a capacity for them) if you spend 4 charges, you can still gain 4 more charges to 6 charges remaining from the weekly.

Didn’t even think about transmog, but that’s a fantastic point!

That feels a lot like conduit energy to me. If that’s how it works, I also don’t understand why you’d need a max capacity.


It is how it works

So at week 7 after spending 4 charges, I can get a 3rd stored charge.

Still a dumb idea imo, but it think its a way to gate fresh alts (still a dumb idea).