Issues with the new Revival Catalyst - READ BEFORE USING IT!

I have discovered a new bug with the Revival Catalyst. I submitted a bug report to Blizzard detailing the issues, and I wanted to post here to help warn people and prevent future issues.

Here is what happened. I had a 402 Waterburst Helm from Temple of the Jade Serpent Mythic + on my Evoker. I had a crap vault one week so I ended up taking the coins you get from the vault in order to buy a Storm-Charged Manipulator Socket item for my helm since the blue post here - The Revival Catalyst is Coming Next Week - Said that sockets would transfer over. I used the Catalyst on my helm and well… my socket vanished.

However GMs were VERY Helpful and gave me another Storm-Charged Manipulator and a new bug arose ontop of the previous one. My helm is now ineligible for a Socket. It would not let me add the socket to my helm anymore.

Before people say “Of course the added socket would not transfer over” - The GM said that this indeed WAS A bug, and it should have transferred over and they’re working on it, however I now need to submit another ticket saying my Tier Helm is now ineligible for a socket. I thought I would warn the masses before they tried to use the Catalyst on an item they added a socket to.

Catalyst your item FIRST and THEN add the socket. Or else you might lose the socket and the ability to socket it in the future.


This is so bad. The same bug was happening in SL with some tertiaries. Fix your shiz bliz