The Revival Catalyst is Coming Next Week

There’s talk that tier won’t end until april since that’s when AWC ends, but be nice to get an end of season estimate

Kinda interesting that you requested feedback about this in beta where majority if not all of the posts said that there shouldn’t be a quest to unlock this every week since it worked well enough in Shadowlands, and that it shouldn’t be this late.

Now it releases late and we also have to earn it every week instead of just unlocking it as a feature. It’s worth a meeting to discuss why are mains upset about this “catch-up mechanic” being late.


My wording definitely could have been better. We’re only a month into the tier, so obviously still a ways to go, but it seems like an odd choice when this is supposed to be a catch up system per dev interviews.

Everyone is complaining that this is getting released too late… This shouldn’t even be released. It’s ridiculous you can turn a piece of non-tier loot into tier pieces. What’s next, swapping non-bis items for bis items? Blizzard is literally handing out the best loot now.


Ion, your game director said in an interview during the end of Shadowlands that the dev team recognized they released the Catalyst too late, and that your team has learned from this mistake… well here we are again. This should have come out a couple weeks after release of raiding.

And if you’re releasing this so late, why are you capping the charges? What does it matter?

PLEASE stop capping, timegating etc systems that actually players ENJOY. Just let people play how they want to Pete’s sake. I do not understand the mentality that thinks restrictions of this manner are good for the game.


Still one per week after making us wait bloody 6 weeks. Blizz continues to be stubborn and tone deaf on this one issue. M+ only players completely screwed, don’t have a single 4 piece set still on any of my m+ characters doing the 3 vault slots available per week. Such a joke, letting tier work in pvp and m+ but then screwing dedicated m+ and pvp players on acquisition making us rely on bad vault rng or wait 6-10 weeks just to get 4 tier set raiders had months ago.

Simple solution if you refuse read the room here and release catalyst after 2~ weeks like everyone says, at least disable tier set bonuses in pvp and m+ until catalyst is out for 3 weeks so m+/pvpers can actually get it reliably… It makes no sense to give raiders another 10-20% advantage in both pvp and m+ (which aren’t raids, why have they “earned” a huge advantage in an unrelated activity?) for months on end, when they already have a big ilvl advantage and completely op trinkets/“rare” rings/weapons compared to m+. I mean for example broodkeeper’s promise is literally like 3x more hps than any m+ trinket lol, every top io healer uses it, gotta raid2win.

I don’t want to raid anymore blizz, no amount of badgering and forcing me to do it will make me want to raid again (been there done that), just make the game fun and all 3 endgame activities have viable progression within themselves and we’ll keep playing, stop trying to force us and timegate us to keep us subbed, it just makes me unsub instead.


Given how late this is coming, can it at least come with more than one charge available on the first week it’s up?

Many people that don’t raid have exactly 0 tier pieces right now and waiting an additional 4 weeks to get a core power upgrade for the season is absurd.

If we start with only one charge and get 1 a week, many non raiders will get their tier set on week 10 of the season. This is absolutely absurd since week 10 may very well be half time into the season. We really have to wait to the season is ending ( second half) to access this core power up. What is even the point then


Too damn little, too damn late.

And a weekly song and dance of pointless busywork to even use it? This just seems a worse version of the Shadowlands system.


So the gear casual players use.



This post is completely satirical and should be understood as such.


My question is do i need to have my other characters at max lvl or do they just need access to the Dragon isles to do the quest that gives a charge

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We arent nearing the end if the tier. The tier still has at least 3 to 4 moths. Do not lump in mythic raiders with the rest of the community. Most players have not even completed nornal yet.

I addressed my poor phrasing in a previous reply (quoted below), but does my original question of asking why we’re putting in friction for these systems go against the rest of the community? I think less friction is better, but obviously I play the game a different way than others. Genuinely curious why more friction would be good here.

No they’re not.

You still have to do the content to get it.

The hardest part of raiding is getting people together every week.

Besides the raids are boring and most people already outgear normal.


Does the appearance of the tier change based on the ilvl of the item put in? For example if I put in a 402 pair of pants from an M+ dungeon, will I receive tier pants with the heroic appearance?

If not, what determines which appearance you receive?


Will be there be a way to get the full normal tier set appearance from non-raid or mythic+ activities (World Bosses, storm gear, world drops) or are we forever stuck with getting only the lfr appearance? I feel that since we can get so close to the ilvl 389 “normal” threshold by doing those activities, it would be an awesome casual end-game reward to be able to get the full set of normal tier appearance.

Why was this released after so long … Jesus Christ …

You know how many issues not having tier causes? People can not get into certain groups, it causes loot and raid drama, player base drama, that combined with group loot has made tier collection some of the worst experience in recent wow history. Why screw over half your player base because they can not win the Powerball RNG roll.

THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN RELEASED WEEK 2! And given every single players a clear access point / route for getting tier pieces.

Since drops are horrible in this game and then you made it 10 times worse with group loot. Good luck ever winning a roll.

Why come up with good stuff and then shoot yourself in the foot Blizzard. Quit with the horrible punishment mechanics. And you wonder why people get fed up and quit this game and never come back.

Examples …

Hey lets make a greet new travel thing like Dragon Flying.
Hey now lets punish players by only giving them 6 vigor and ruining a great experience.

Hey lets make tier pieces that will be required for ALL content.
Hey now lets make half the player base not get access to them and then finally give it to them 2 months later, when they are about to quit.

Hey here is a new great idea.
Hey that’s great, now let’s time gate it and make them get it every 2 weeks. Because they won’t forget about us and move on.

Get your head out of your butt Blizzard.


2-3 weeks too late


Wouldn’t casuals be in storm gear that is eligible?

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I wonder for everyone thinking how “late” it is, if they realize next season/raid likely isn’t until mid-May at the earlier which make the raid a relatively normal 5 month tier.

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