The new forum is not complete garbage

‘Complete garbage’ is a pretty low standard to beat lol.

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Yep, sounds like that ship has sailed. On the plus side, the only real upshot to rank 3 is getting more likes. Not like that’s a thing that should even be limited, but it’s 2019 and everyone wants to limit everything.

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And yet lol

HOLD UP!!! You can actually get trust level 3 again! It was silently changed and discussed not too long ago. Open a ticket and ask a GM how much longer till you’re able to re obtain it. I heard it’s 2 months of good behavior.

Further actions can land you a permanent mark and forever stuck as trust level 1.


Yea it was really only for being able to post memes when people did dumb stuff

That is ridiculous lol.

I don’t remember that, and I literally forum everyday all day long except when I’m sleeping.

Do you have a source for that info? :open_mouth:

I do! This OP actually talked about it. I been on these forums LONGER then you tho :wink: I’ve changed toons like 3 times xdxdxd

You lose trust level three forever if you get banned for any shape way or form and with the subjective nature of the Forum that’s quite easy to do.

Also it allows unsub people to post. Also any post that get too many reports across all posts closes the thread automatically and they do not punish the people for false flagging.

Where is it then? When people ask if you have a source and you have a source you don’t just say “I do” and not show the source :joy:


Yea I originally lost it by transferring server which they “couldn’t do anything about” which is just dumb. Character name changed from aveldruid to aveldruid but on a new server. Then a couple of weeks ago I had a little holiday lol

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Because elae is a no life like us on these forums, it’s LIKE FINDING A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK TO FIND SOURCES FROM HER I SWEAR

Edit people came in who I know who’ve had vacations said they were able to reobtain it with good behavior. You can also pop ina ticket and ask.

Final edit: ily elae you’re a good poster.

Is there a way to know what level you’ve obtained?

There is some way of searching through code for it or something dumb like that but no easy way that I have heard of

Edit thanks ughash

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Yes! It’s a little odd, I could check yours but it’s annoying to do on mobile.

I need to remember to swing by when I’m at my computer and play with that, because now my curiosity is piqued. Thanks Ughash!

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No problem! A quick glance at the toon you’re posting on currently, it looks like she’s trust level 2! You need to visit the forums 50 days and have 20k posts read.

Pretty much it from there!:slight_smile: you’re sitting at 12 days visited, and 5.7k posts read. You can also scroll through mega threads fast and get that 20k in 10 mins :joy: best of luck! ;D

My biggest beef with these forums is that TL3, once achieved, doesn’t transfer between characters. The rest is fine, I’ve never used forum ignore even once and voting systems work best when only upvoting is available, because downvotes (across websites, not just the WoW forums) more often than not get abused as a “make opinion I don’t like disappear” button.

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The extremely limited amount of likes you’re allowed, the STUPID amount of activity you need to get trust level three and the inability to block annoying trolls has always irked me. It also doesn’t help that in a COMPLETELY AUTOMATED SYSTEM obvious trolls can’t be reported if you’ve done more than the limited amount you’re allowed. Someone derailing a thread? Just let em you have no choice. I just want to be able to include a link here and there or post on alts and still get notifications for all easily.


At the rate I’m going I’ll hit 20k without a problem, considering my forum habits. The hard part will actually be behaving and not getting b&. You can take the mechanic out of the shop, but you can’t take the shop out of the mechanic. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: